Vanessa Hudgens to Party the Pain Away

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Vanessa Hudgens may have plans to drown her sorrows in alcohol, but at least she won't be doing it alone.

The actress, who turned 22 on Tuesday and who split with longtime boyfriend Zac Efron this month, will be feted with a much-hyped birthday party in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Vanessa Hudgens Candie's Ad

While this sounds like a Kim Kardashian-esque cry for attention, such trauma in Hudgens' personal life makes it understandable. She just needs a bit of love and a slew of shots. Be happy and be healthy, Vanessa. Have a blast!

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do you need a boyfriend because i need a girl friend to


Seriously...neither of them have confirmed split, so...


How do they know what she is going to do for her birthday celebration? They seem like stalkers. I haven't heard anything from Vanessa nor Zac about this and I'm itching to! I mean, non of this is confirmed by the people who we are talking about! Some 'Source' just said that they split! They could be lying! It could be 'rumors' But, it still could be true. I mean, it was on E! News, I believe ANYTHING they say. But, then again, like I think so, it may not be true.


Hopee you the best nessa !! .


Hope she has a good one, best way to get over a guy is too be drunk and with another lol too right


Nothing better getting over a guy than to get under another guy! LMFAO have fun!!