THG Presents: Classic Celebrity Mug Shots of 2010!

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What's not to love about celebrity mug shots?

Most of the time, they accompany great stories, and serve as reminders that stars are human, just like us (or contribute even less to society in some cases).

Here's a look at some of THG's top celebrity mug shots of the past year. Randy and Evi Quaid (directly below) made the gallery multiple times, as did DMX.

Lindsay Lohan, too. In one calendar year, that's an impressive feat. We also included Charlie Sheen's Christmas meltdown mug shot from 2009. Enjoy:

  • Randy Quaid Booking Photo
  • Evi Quaid Booking Photo
  • Gilbert Arenas Mug Shot
  • Andy Dick Mug Shot (2010)
  • DMX Mug Shot (November 2010)
  • Jaimee Grubbs Mug Shot
  • Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot 2010
  • New Paris Hilton Mugshot
  • Amy Locane Mug Shot
  • T.I. Mug Shot
  • Mary Delgado Mug Shot (2010)
  • Cy Waits Mugshot
  • Natalie Mejia Mug Shot
  • Jennifer Mee Mug Shot
  • Evi Quaid Mugshot
  • Tiny Cottle Mug Shot
  • Randy Quaid Mugshot
  • Alexis Neiers Mug Shot
  • Floyd Mayweather Mug Shot
  • NEW Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot!
  • Smiling DMX Mug Shot
  • Charlie Sheen Mug Shot
  • Snooki Mug Shot

And where's Glen Campbell from a few years back? His is one of the roughest I've seen.


HEY...I don't see David Cassidy's funny looking, but OLD face here??? He made the team! What's up with that? Oh yea, I forgot, he ain't no celebrity anymore....he's OLD news! Ha ha!

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