Gosselin Kids Tell Classmates Santa Doesn't Exist; Jon Gets Some Angry Phone Calls

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First the rage issues and now this. They're just six years old, but the Gosselin kids are accused of playing Grinch and spoiling Christmas at school.

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    Come ON. Let's not blame the kids for this. I mean, it's true: the parents ARE in fact lying to their kids. And when you're a little kid, you don't understand that parents could be making things up to make life fun for their kids, you just think of it as lying. And it's hard to deal with that, coming from adults, who are the people who tell YOU not to lie. When I was little, I definitely used to say Santa didn't exist if the subject came up - now I don't any more because I don't want to spoil it. My point is, give them a chance to grow up a little... they'll be fine.


    You think all kids don't do this eventually?

    Wake up!!!

    It's called "Normal."

    What's not "Normal" is their mom, and their dad is skank.


    I cant believe that this is a headline..Seriously. I have 3 children and my 10year old came home from school at the age of 7 and asked if Santa was real. I asked her why she asked. She said bc kids in her class said he wasnt. I asked her what she thought of it, she said she believed he was. I told her thats all that mattered. Now she still questioned it every year from that point untill this year when I told her the truth. Now I have a five year old asking the same thing, for the same reason..kids at school. I deal with it the same way..Its a parents job to talk to their own kids about their beliefs. Not all people believe in santa or raise their kids to. I do, but thats my personal option. It isnt these kids fault for creating a theroy to a myth.People should def. get a life.


    SANTA!!!!!!!!! Forget those kids. I believe in you!!


    The Gosselins need to get some better friends, because they seem to report every little detail to the media. How many kids across the USA have gone to school this week and told the other kids there isn't a Santa Claus? Plenty, it happens that's life, move on and quit reporting on every little detail that happens to these kids. Every media outlet reports how bad the parents are and then proceeds to show us every snap shot, every piece of film taken of the kids. If you so concerned for their well being, stop contributing to the problem. I like the Gosselin kids, I wish them a happy, healthy life.


    You have to ask yourself how sick can a parent be to want their children's private matters( true or not) publicized constantly. All for the almighty dollar and attention for Queen Kate. She is beyond disgusting.


    Please just stop reporting on these people,Let these kids grow up some what normal.So many of us are so sick of these two parents we cannot stand it.Its time all the press and blogs ,etc step up and think of the kids and stop reporting on these two, sometimes people in power must think about the kids when the parents will not or can not put their kids needs above their own.


    Children and parents who say there is no Santa Claus should visit TheSanta dot im. My legal name is Santa Claus, and I'm a volunteer advocate for millions of vulnerable children in dire circumstances. I'm also a Bishop and Monk, as St. Nicholas was many centuries ago, and believe that the greatest gift one can give is love, not presents. Blessings to all, Santa Claus


    PAK31 You do know they are part Korean?! They are gorgeous kids!


    It's mentioned in the article that they are gorgeous but I think that they have strange looking eyes. Mostly the boys. I think some kids DO spill the beans about Santa not existing but 6 years old is kind of young to not believe anymore. Who knows if this story is even 100% true.

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