Rachel Moran Presents: The Miley Cyrus Bong Song!

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There are many ways for aspiring singers to get noticed.

For Michaela Wallace, it was pretending to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend. For Rachel Moran, it's mocking the fact that Miley Cyrus was caught on video smoking out of a bong.

In a new single aptly titled "The Miley Cyrus Bong Song," Moran actually films herself at the same club where Miley got herself high and loopy. She parodies the scandal by crooning: "It looks like Liam or am I seeing things? And you say he's your boyfriend, but I'm pretty sure he's not anymore."

On her website, Moran writes:

"I, Rachael Moran, am more than your average singer. In LA of all places people are here to fend for themselves. It is my mission as a young artist (18 years old) to not only catapult myself into the spotlight, but to bring others up with me."

And brings others down, it seems. What do you make of this video? A fun way for Moran to make headlines? Or a mean way for her to exploit a troubled fellow teen?

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@USMC erm im from singapore. so thats kinda like where i live cause its so small. anyway i'll be going back to school tomorrow my school holidays ended so ya wont be comment for quite a long time. well...sry too. guess we will meet again,but not to soon. have a nice day :)


@joesr31, I wasn't asking your exact location, just what country you were from. I read your comment on the other post. I didn't know you were only 14. I apologize for having talked to you the way I did. Good luck in school and have a Happy New Year dude.


@USMC thats cuz yr english is bad. or you have been hiding in a hole for the past years cause im not even using short forms here. u must be getting Fs for yr exams right. i wont tell u where i am cause im not that stupid to give so much infomation online.


Joesr31, where are you from? Because sometimes I can't understand half of what you say. Happy New Year to you too.


@USMC nah i dont stalk losers, im only intereste in miley news. and looking at pathetic hater comment on her news even thou u dont like her. yup its true theres no restrain on commenting but whats the point. happy new year :)


@joesr31, kind of like how you're stalking me huh?


@USMC #1 u think if miley is already fucking how the hell would the paparazzi dont know. they are stalking her 24/7 talking pics from outside her house or hotel room. hacking into her myspace account getting pics. and she have friends who put pics and photos that would obviously trouble miley up on internet. and its who need to get a life. looking at someone who u hate what the point? adding bullshit to the comment page? wtf is wrong with u...get a life loser. have a nice day


can you please stop it !!!!
what will be your reaction if it was you who were singing bout ?


@verifiedLOSER, eat shit you fuckhead. I never said anything about smoking herb at 18. Read my post jackoff. What I said was, is that all you fucking losers shouldn't be in denial about Miley Cuntus taking it in the ass. And just as you have the right to love this whore, I have the right to dislike her. She is a talentless trailer park slut, who is getting caught up in the usual Hollywood bullshit and is in the beginning stages of pissing her career away. Find a new hero, yours is about to be a has been. Happy Holidays.


miley an erotic pose of a woman's lap and have a new scandal have made it a bitch to take courses in the previous scandals have no intention of!!!