New Robert Pattinson Photo: Why Not?

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Photographer Stewart Shining has presented Robert Pattinson lovers with the best holiday gift of all: the actor himself! Sort of.

Shining, who shot the star for a recent issue of Italian Vogue, Tweeted the following outtake with a note that reads: "I was just thinking this would be my motto for the new year, and a nice Xmas present for the RPatt fans."

Why Not?!?

Why just post a picture of Robert Pattinson without any breaking news on the actor? As the image itself asks: Why not?!?


i think "why not......kristen" he seems brooding


I know for a fact that he is gay. It will come out soon. There are pics and video for sale that a price has not been agreed upon. Just wait. They're coming.


Hahaha....he luks sooo hot!!!
Grool....i luv him!!


Mucho delicioso!!


lolzzz the comments here are really epic...and weird...


he looks soooooo yummy he is one hot sexy vampire.


@chris ewww I bet he has hairy feet


why not just wrap myself around him like a blanket or better yet save a horse ride a vampire?!!!


Why not lick him from head to foot?


It would take more than 5 minutes to do all the things I would do with him.

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Red-Haired Hunk Robert Pattinson wasn't a household name... until he starred in Twilight. Now, the British actor is well on his way to the A-list.... More »
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I hate any reference to my name. I wish people would just completely invent a new one.

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Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as Claudia!

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