Kumari Fulbright Sentenced to Prison for Torture of Ex-Boyfriend

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We shudder to think what a talent competition would be like in prison...

Kumari Fulbright, an Arizona beauty queen who was arrested in late 2007 and charged with the brutal kidnapping and torturing of an ex-boyfriend, has been sentence to two years in jail.

Along with three other men, Fulbright - a former Miss Arizona contestant and law school student - was apprehended three years ago for taking Joshua Conway hostage, holding him at gunpoint and slashing him with a knife.

In addition to her sentence, Fulbright was ordered to pay Conway $15,000, which really should make up for everything.

We will punish her further by directing readers to this truly amazing mug shot of Kumari. It says it all.


Yeah she is a woman they can kill and maim a man she should not be punished and 15000 is too much money should have covered for it all...Pathetic ain't it and then these B!tches say they are the victims..Hypocrisy at its 'best' I say


only two years? That's not right. I could get that much for hitting my husband just one time. Wtf


Let me get this straight. She participates in a conspiracy to kidnap her ex-boyfriend who is then tortured with a knife and she gets two years and has to pay the dude 15K. Damn, Canada is definitely the place to get out your breakup revenge!


She is not that attractive then and now...............she should have gotten a whole lot more time and money to pay out. This is a disgrace and a disrespectful to the deceased and his family


All this freak show got was 2 years & $15000??? Wow... Fuck it I'm moving to canada...

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