Kumari Fulbright Arrested for Kidnapping and Torture

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Move over, Valerie Begue.

Your quasi crucification pictures are so yesterday's beauty queen news!

Say hello to Kumari Fulbright. The Arizona law student was crowned Miss Pima County in 2005 and Miss Desert Sun in 2006.

The pageant contestant also competed for Miss Arizona both those years - and was recently arrested for torturing and kidnapping her boyfriend.

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Kumari Fulbright was arrested for holding her boyfriend captive and threatening to murder him. In her defense, the dude did leave the toilet seat up quite often and insisted on watching SportsCenter instead of Gossip Girl.

Last month, Kumari Fulbright and three men reportedly robbed her 24-year-old boyfriend. But that wasn't nearly enough for them:

They kept the man captive for 10 hours at two different Arizona residences, with court documents stating that Kumari bit him several times, stuck a knife near his ear and threatened to kill him while pointing a gun in his direction.

Eventually, the victim grabbed for her gun, set it off and managed to escape during the fray. There's really nothing to add to this astounding news, except to say: your move, Tara Conner!


Hey "Family Friend" is this the same Kumari Fulbright who use to live in St. Peters, Mo (right outside of St Louis). I use to know someone named Kumari Fulbright, and I know the name isn't that common.


Anyone knows what her ethinic background is? Her name sounds indianish.


I think she really thought she could pull this off and get away with it. This acount does not provide many details, but perhaps they had only begun actions and had perpetrated only PART of the plan. Even so, the ex-boyfriend was lucky to get away outnumbered as he was 4 to 1. Regardless of the circumstances nobody deserves to be tortured or threatened.


i know her parents and family very well and rest assured tey are truly devastated. kumari has always had a sort of "dark side" though. although she was a brilliant student all throughout high school and college she has always made very poor choices in the men she has dated. i never thought it would come to this though.


and another thing......what is that thing in the middle of her forehead. how was she ever crowned for anything other than ugliness. She probably paid someone or beat them to let her win any pageants. poor thing. I bet her parents are ashamed of her.


how could a law student be sooooo stupid. Did she not think of the consequences of her actions. I hope they throw the book at her!

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