Kate Gosselin is a Liar; Kids' Anger Issues Even Worse Than Thought!

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Kate Gosselin lies. 

It's unclear if she's delusional and believes the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, or she's deliberately trying to do spin control, but either way, she lies.

Not only did she try to deny Collin and Alexis Gosselin were expelled from school, the kids' situation is actually worse than what has been previously reported.

Kate Gosselin and Sextuplets

THE GOOD OLD DAZE: Like their mom's reverse mullet / dead opossum weave, the children's carefree times and smiling faces are things of the past.

One of the expelled Gosselin kids physically harmed an adult at the school TWO TIMES, creating a situation left administrators no choice but to purse expulsion.

The nature and extent of the adult's injuries are unclear, but the situation was severe enough that it contributed heavily to the school's decision to expel them.

Both of Gosselin children were also abusive to other children in the school - beyond telling them Santa doesn't exist - creating an untenable situation overall.

In a defensive move, Kate went on camera with ET in late November and denied that Alexis and Collin were expelled, calling the decision mutual. LOL, Kate.

On TV Kate was asked: "Two of them rumored to be kicked out of school. Is that true?" She answered: "No. Two of my children are being tutored at home."

That lie has deepened the rift between Kate and ex-husband Jon Gosselin, who has been trying to move on with his normal life, girlfriend and job in IT.

"Both Jon and Kate were sent a letter from the school explaining that despite their best efforts, the staff reached a point at which they had to request the children enroll elsewhere," a source said. "It's clear Kate did not tell the truth."

Kate's denial of their problems has left many people perplexed.

"Both Alexis and Colin received three full weeks of intensive special treatment," revealed the source. "It became apparent that the pair needed intensive assistance to help them with their social, emotional and academic needs."

"The demand on the teachers was just too great."

The problems with Alexis and Colin has added increased strain to Jon and Kate's relationship as they decide how to help the kids thrive going forward.

"They can't just be tutored, at home: these kids need to be integrated with other children," the source continues. "Jon and his girlfriend Ellen Ross take them to public parks to play with other kids and they tell them to go make friends."

"It's clear they need to develop their social skills."

Compounding their woes is the constant attention of paparazzi.

"Collin actually covered his face when he was having his school photograph taken because he didn't understand," said the source. "Here you have children in rural Pennsylvania and they don't understand why people are taking pictures."

"Kate needs to get on the same page as Jon: he doesn't want them to have those pressures during their childhood, because they both need to live with the decision that they decided to do the show in the first instance."


No offense but how about you guys try taking care of eight children on your own. Lets see how well they turn out and how well your able to cope.


As a former fan of Kate plus eight,I lost all respect for her when she appeared on the "Sarah Palin" show. She is getting big bucks for what she does, and I called every week when she was on "Dancing With The Stars". Now I am totally turned off. I too was a single mother with four children without all the perks she enjoys. I worked four part-time jobs in order to be available for my children. We kept our heat at 58*, and had very little food. She has no idea how lucky she is


She (Kate) isolates those kids from her family which isn't normal. Kids need to know their grandparents and aunts and uncles. One day she won't be able to control them. Wonder what will happen then?


Are people really dumb enough to believe these "sources" (aka Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross)? Come on, wake up! There must be a legal proceeding coming up and he's trying to sway public opinion his way by shaking the tree (Kate and the kids) to see what falls out. What an a##!


who care about Kate and her kids. There are so many other things to really care about. It's her life and let her make her own choice, right or wrong she will have to live with it not anyone else. People should mind there own business and focus on things they can change or volenteer there time for good instead of gossip. I think she is a nut and why should she care what I think of her. She may think I am a nut too. The only thing I was wondering is why she keeps her dog outside. That is not nice to have a dog and not include him into the home. I really feel bad for the dog not the kids.


Who would have thought that John is actually the better parent.
Kate is a sad excuse as a mother and the kids probably would be better of with their dad.


After seeing Kate's behaviour on Sarah Palin's Alaska, I am convinced Kate is one sick puppy.


Peanut1957 are you kidding me!!! Were you born yesterday? How could you still be going after Jon??? The poor guy has been out of the spotlight for ages and has wanted to get his kids off television for some time now. You need to get over yourself and look at the real issue here. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser period! She is a money hungry and fame starved whore and nothing more. She has proven to be nothing but a liar and could care less about her childrens well being. Jon is the better parent and has always been. Get over it!


I cannot believe that people are barely realizing what a fraud and liar Kate Gosselin is! This woman is sick and shouldn't be fit to be a mother. Liar is an understatement!


OMG!!! I was married to a personality like Jon Gosselin..How can people not read the red flags or see just how muniputive he is..He hasn't change..he is just doing another way to get attention and look like the good parent.Being with Ellen,family outings, etc..WOW..I can read him like a book..Then Kate has to come in and do damage control.This is the man who admitted to spreading untruth rumors about Kate.


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