Justin Bieber and Chris Brown to Release New Year's Day Duet

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown will ring in 2011... together!

The latter artist Tweeted today that he's collaborated with the 16-year old sensation on a single that will be released on New Year's Day. Brown wrote:

Justin Bieber Video Still

“ME and @justinbieber got a BANGER/SMASH record for all the fans out there at the top of the NEW YEAR!!! 2011.”

It's easy to see why this is a smart move for Brown, whose career has not gotten on track since his publicized punching of Rihanna.

But is associating with a known woman beater really a good idea for Bieber? You tell us:


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i love chris brown and to the peolpe that judge him he made a mistake he human like the rest of us and good for him trying make comeback from that


Wow i like justin bieber&chris brown its gonna be a good song ayayay sexy,cute boys i love them so much


Its Gonna Be An AWESOME song, I just know it is


Wow why cant be happy for the two?They both make good music.Cant fuckin wait :D STFU haters


Dang ,why is everyone hating? He did a mistake and swore he wouldnt do that again, as if any of you people havent done any mistake and regrete it, soo whats the point not forgiving him? 'IF' Rihanna forgave him, then why not the world do the same? She's the one who got punched by Chris Brown. Soooo, clearly yall should do the same




juustinnn & chris aree botthh suchh bbaabbees (: ahhh, i cant waait to hear this maqqic .


i LOVE chris brown and i think people need to get over the fact that he beat a girl ONCE , people only make a big deal out of it cause he famous. Chris Brown still making hit songs and alot of money , so im pretty sure he does NOT care about what you jack asses have to say ;)


i love Justin Bieber but i hate chris brown i really wish they wouldnt do a song together but i hope its good im not gana stop listening to justin just because he is doing a duet with chris brown im fine with it i guess and ill listen to it but i wont suport chris brown! i will suport Justin(:


the world hasent ferget what u did to rihanna chris EVIL and justin i love you but dont make anything with that woman beater :) do a duet with a fan :)