Erin Barry Denies Affair With Tony Parker

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Erin Barry has broken her silence.

Tony Parker's mistress slash sexting partner denies she had anything to do with the end of his marriage to Eva Longoria in a heated Facebook post.

Tony and Wife

Eva and Tony separated last month amid reports of him sending hundreds of racy texts to Erin Barry, the wife of his former teammate Brent Barry.

BARRY THE HATCHET: Somehow we don't buy Erin's denials.

Erin Facebooked, unequivocally, that "I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR with Tony Parker, nor did I pursue Tony Parker. Unfortunately, since our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship."

Barry, who's also getting divorced, adds, "My friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of my marriage (which is painful enough without this drama). To assume we had an affair is naive, ridiculous, and misguided."

That clears it up ... only not really. Note the lack of denials when it comes to picking up her phone and sending dirty thoughts. Call it a sexting-only non-affair.


Eva is a strong Latina...she won't put up with any of Tony's BS antics...He is getting what he deserves! Both he and Erin thought they could play and not get caught, haha.. More power to Eva! She will find a better, mature man than that idiot! no doubt...


Ugh iidnt thnk sextin is enuff to get a divorce iits enuff nt to trust ya man enuff to put him tha doghouse nt enuff to divorce theres sumthng more to tha story bt honesly we dnt need to knw nobodii hav proof this all cud b a ploy to distract us frm tha real pro bt den again who cares


Is everyone on drugs. Tony Parker isn't screwing Erin Barry, he is having an affair with Erin's husband Brent Barry. I don't get it. The media and the public is drowning in denial. Tony Parker is blowing or getting blown by, screwing or getting screwed by Brent Barry. They are lovers. Erin and Evan both know their husbands are messing around with each other but they don't want the public to know because they want to avoid a media feeding frenzy. Why doess everyone pretend that married men don't bone other men as if marriage or having slept with a woman makes a man exempt from man-to-man sex.


What the hell is the matter with these holly wood celebs? They got all the money they could ever ask for, live in beautiful mansions, have the best of everything yet they still manage to screw things up. Surely there are enough free men in la la land to run around with that you dont need to go after men who are not available. Tony you lost a good gal there in Eva. You will be sorry.


She should have "stayed in her own lane" some one her age, being pretty, does not make up for milege, and the other one is lying, that line has been used to death, they always lie the truth will eventually come out.


Erin Bury has a secret that nobody knows. Spell her first name backwards and her temper starts to show...


I think it's the Nile, Kaitlyn.


Hey Erin, DENIAL is a river in Egypt. I think you protest a little too much, honey. You did it, you know, we know it so just admit it b/c we will soon see you and that dog out in public together. Enjoy each other while it lasts. I think once a whore always one, Tony Parker. What Eva or ANYONE sees in you they must be deaf, dumb and blind!

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