Demi Lovato Sex Tape Rumor: Untrue, "Disgusting" Rep Says

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Just days after a couple racy photos of Demi Lovato leaked onto the Internet, an even dirtier rumor has sprung up around the troubled singer: she's the star of a new sex tape.

But Demi's rep has quickly shot to the defense of his client, issuing the following response into what he deems a "disgusting" story planted by some media outlet.

Performing for Thousands

"Perpetrating these completely unfounded rumors from supposed sources while Demi is in treatment dealing with serious physical and emotional issues is disgusting.

"The sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond... We would ask serious news outlets to strongly consider the source of this story before they regurgitate it."

THG is far from a serious news outlet, but we still felt a need to shoot down this rumor before it spread too rapidly. Have some morals, fellow bloggers!

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She can be wanting for the right one. So shult up people. They have sex with a 40year old man. He makes others over run. Demi lovato frind is a slute. I sean how they work. I bean send vidos bye others having sex. It not right. He going to jail sown. Selma Gomez has a sex tape out. My friend she not a bad girl. She had a show last year. Demi Lovato, I maet her, in real life. So she nice, that dose not make her a shult. I you think that. Get a live and a job, and start a family. Think of this, If some one said that about your kind. What wood u do. Don't email me. I will have u reasted


demi je suis ton plus grand suis fou de toi


the sex tape rumors is true,pls people open you eyes him liars on all the world is true that i'ii say.demi lovaro is pereversted and sex addiction him care for noboody is proof,she know that sex tape is true and now is out say that is untrue pls people him liars also try to removed him worst poplurestion is proof i just pls believe my people don't be ship and believe everthing what she say or going that go to all. the end thank you for hear my.bellieve my i'ii say the true and proof.


It's Just A rumour, So Stop Freakin' out. She Wouldn't do this. She is so nice to her fans! What do you think? it's Obviously some big fat guy that's paparazii, being slanderous. xxx


OOOOHHHH!!!! Demi please tell me it's not true! You should know better! This is the 18 year old girl!!!!! Thanks alot Demi! You know I thought you would be a little more considerate of the people [the young people]. You know some of them look up to you!...and you go and make a sex tape! HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!


To all those hater comments, she was in REHAB. She's in there for a reason, don't judge or hate her right now. If you were in her shoes, you'd feel the same about all these comments. I still respect her, always will. And just because some leaked photos came, doesn't mean she's gonna make a sex tape.


Im in love with demi. I have a huge crush on u. But alas im a nobody. Oh well. Best of luck to ya demi. Xoxo. And to all those haters. FUCK OFF. JUST CAUSE SHE HAS A LIFE IT DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO FUCK AROUND WITH HER. YOU LONELY LIFELESS DESPERATE LOOSERS!!!!!!


@Damon: I think you meant to type 'extremely good reasons why Demi Lovato has not made a sex tape' instead of 'extremely good reasons why Demi has not had sex.' There's nothing wrong with having sex, and everybody has the right to make that decision without being judged. She is 18 after all, not 12.


extremely good reasons why she has not had sex 1. it would destroy her career
2.she wouldnt let her fans down like that
3.she would hurt her family (she wont set a bad example for her younger sister)
4.if she says that shes had not had sex, she hasnt had sex, because there is always someone watching, and she knows if she lied she would be in deep shit
5. disney does not permit it, they would fire her for not keeping her words straight, and her greatest dream is to become a wife and mother, so she would not have sex until she is married
6. if there happens to be a sex tape, demi would not be in it, they would hire an actor and make her look like demi
7. she wouldnt show her face if there is a sex tape, she would be able face her fans, and disney would drop her i have plenty more reasons, if thats not enough for u


I hope this kid gets her act together and doesn't waste her talent. I watch the Disney shows with my eight year old grandson and I thik this young lady has a chance to become a huge star. Good luck to you kid.