Susan Boyle on The View: O Holy... Crap!

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Perhaps Susan Boyle should not sing at the Royal Wedding.

The Scottish sensation, who continues to rule the Billboard album charts, had an unfortunate incident this morning on The View. Performing the classic song "O Holy Night," Boyle missed a note and lost her way. She motioned for the music to stop, but ended up standing awkwardly silent for a few moments before the hosts rushed in to save her.

See for yourself and then send in words of encouragement: hang in there, Susan! This was just a one-time hiccup:


oh cmon. stop making excuses for Susan. she's just not a great singer. end of story.


Susan is a genuine lovely woman with an amazing voice. Hopefully she is not being pushed into shows etc that may be coming too much for her. Honestly doesn't the media have other things to focus on????
I would choke, I'm sure, as well as most of us if we were trying to sing in a fog of smoke!!!
Susan would be a wonderful addition to the Royal Wedding. It is refreshing to see how she handles herself.


all i can say now is hehe....


The “fog� on the set is burning oil(or other burning substance). She had an allergic reaction.
When is the world going to stop using these chemicals that are making people sick. The autism in kids is from the mothers dumping toxins into fetuses. It was known in the early 1980s that disposable foam cups have a carcinogenic component (rumor from that era: “drinking tea with lemon in a foam cup will give you cancer�) and yet the BPA and PCB in mainstream news is recent. These chemicals are still being put into plastic products here but banned in Breat Britain years ago.


Everybody's allowed an off-day.


Susan is fabulous, the first time and each time after, that I've heard her sing, I get so emotional and cry. Her voice is a voice of an angel. God bless you, Susan, rest up. Love ya!


Hey! Anyone can get a frog in their throat at any time. Drink lots of water, rest your vocal cords and hope your voice is better for the tree lighting ceremony tonight! We love ya!!


Maybe as the weather is getting colder outside Susan's team should make sure that she gets enough warm up time.
But at the very least we know that she is not lip-synching, and where would we find somebody that can sing close to that? Don't know what it is with this lady, but she has me close to tears whenever she sings and today was no exception.
It happens to the best singers, but the team behind them usually take better care of their stars. Just remember team, she is your bread and butter, so make sure you take good care of her.


Susan is a sensational singer,she is not used to being up on stage surrounded by psychedelic smoke which may have momentarily distracted her. Susan has been on a whirlwind tour for the past few months,and at the young age of 61,she may need to slow down for just a bit and recharge her batteries. Love you Susan!!

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