PETA: FUR-ious Over Kim Kardashian Koat Selektion

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It was unseasonably warm in New York City yesterday, as temperatures hovered in the mid-50s.

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    Uhmm... I'm young and have more money than the Kardashian family without having to whore myself with sex tapes. I find killing anything for fashion or sport as repulsive as Kim's fake cheeks. She had both butt cheeks and face cheeks done... She craves attention and will do anything for a buck.

    I'm not a hater, I'm a hot woman married to a millionaire.... So pls spare me the jealousy comments, cause there's no way I'll be jealous of that.

    As for PETA, I do eat dead animals, but I won't wear it.


    how do they know it is not FAKE fur?


    OMgosh! IT's funny how she recycles j.lo's looks over and over.... But!!!! This is a miss!!!She looks like an animal herself! Now, I'm not a hater. I think that Kim has a very beautiful and sophisticated wordobe. (most of the time) in exeption with this garment. Doesn't she have a stylist or something? In regards to PETA, I totally understand, I mean they know how much of an influence celebs have on joe blows. But they should figure out if it's foux or not first instead of jumping the gun and talking down on people.


    she is an aniamls killer someone pour redpaint on her plz


    Not really. My opinion is not going to change. I'm almost an adult. And I don't do twitter and I don't pop pimples cuz I don't have any. When I get a career its going to be a job that has to do with saving animals lifes everyday. So sit back and shut up. Your the one acting like a lil kid. Your stooping down and talkin about me. Maybe you should grow up a lil and get a life.


    Ohhh my God...your a child! How cute! A young, dumb, child! Where are your parents?! They should be reported to CPS for letting there underage child make any remarks about anybody, especially a grown up, when you just got your menstral cycle. Shouldn't you be doing homework or tweeting or poppin' pimples or whatever it is that little girls do? Now I understand the silliness & harshness of your immature, albeit firm standing comment. I would be dead if my skin was being cut off, but I'd be flattered that someone admired my beautiful skin so much they wanted to wear it. When you grow up & became a big girl then you will understand that there are more important things going on than the silly ramblings of a childs opinion. Sweet, precious, ignorant child. Does baby want some milk & cookie because the grown up made her mad?! I can't wait to tell my friends about this child that tried to hang with the big girls! They are going to die laughing!! A CHILD!! Too cute.


    @ExpAArtgurl you need to seek some help. Not much else to say. But you sound really stupid. You sound like such an idiot. How would you like somebody to cut off your skin and wear it?? .... right you wouldn't. And another thing I don't have any "dust" on me anywhere. I shower every day. Not that you need to know. I'm 16 years old and so hop off and quit wasting your time.


    Fur is only for the animal(s) born in it. Stop the killing! Say NO to real fur!


    Hell I'm not even a Kim Kardashian fan... Would I hit it? Yes of course!!! However, I can't stand PETA, because they are self serving tabloid whores who like to have their noses in everyone's business. It's like they only exist so their members can feel significant or something.. Guess what if you like your dog licking your cooch I can care less, just don't tell me how to live either!!!!

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