OMG Alert: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Lock Lips on Set of Breaking Dawn

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In Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will engage in rough sex. Or pretend to, at least.

But while no still images of that steamy scene have been released, cameras were on hand to snap pics of these stars getting to first base while on location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Take a look at Rob and Kristen, in character, playing a hot game of tonsil hockey over the weekend:

  • Approaching First Base
  • Bella/Edward Kiss
  • Stars on Set
  • On Location
  • Breaking Dawn Scene
  • Shooting a Scene

In real life, Pattinson and Stewart have been spotted out as a couple more often than usual over the past few weeks. We even caught them smiling one time!

Expect many more photos and interviews with the entire Twilight Saga cast to pop in 2011, as we inch closer and closer to the 11/18/11 release date of Breaking Dawn. As always, THG will be there every step of the way with the latest on this film and its beautiful stars!

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these people r some SERIOUS STALKERS >:(


Wow i strongly believe dat they should be together.


They only r togther wen tha movies r comming out or being mad iithnk they wud hav sed some by nw its neen almost three yrs look @ taylor lautner nd his new gf pap dnt b beasting for them like tht iits all a clever ploy that been used many many times n hollywood fake relationship=big publicity


I seriously Can't wait For the movie, I am a Huge Fan of Stephanie Meyers and The Movies Themselves !!!! IM Excited


Guys, I'm a huge fan of SM and the saga. I live in Rio where they filmed BD and I saw almost everything posted here. These pictures (from them swimming at the beach (island in Paraty where they filmed = isle esme) are real and I'm really sorry about that. It was definitely a fan like myself or a brazilian pap and I want to scream!!! We should let them have some fun ALONE, IN PRIVACY, NOT TAKING PHOTOS WHILE THEY ARE BEING THEMSELVES. SHAME ON YOU, PHOTOGRAPHER. Rob is in black boxers and Kiki is in a small white bikini. Sooooooooooo cute ;)


I dont really like kstew or rp. Their both super weird,annoying&akward. So i think that they do belong together&they look really cute&happy while doing so which is what really counts.


Even though sometimes i might not like kstew and her sulky demeanoir i think her and rob make a cute couple.


I just love them!!they are the cutest couple that admire and i always support them no matter what people say...


Like,OMG,ROB and KRISTEN r my favorite couple in thA world. Absolutely nothing can keep them apart.NOTHING AT ALL. I am so happy 4 them!!!! CAN'T WAIT 4 THA BIG EVENT. ABSOLUTELY CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!


Cant't Cait!!! i ♥ ♥ ♥ twilight