Oksana Grigorieva on Larry King: Mel is Insane

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Oksana Grigorieva told Larry King last night that Mel Gibson hit her, choked her, waved a gun at her and made her sincerely think she was going to die.

On "Jan. 6 [of this year] the beating took place," the actor's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, who also has a 12-year-old son by Timothy Dalton said. "Mel actually assaulted me while I was holding the baby in my arms."

"I ran into my son's bedroom and told him, 'Mel's crazy.'"

Grigorieva said that at that moment, her son, Alexander, hid behind the bed as Oksana stood with her daughter Lucia, "like a mother protecting her cubs."

News came out this week that Mel admitted slapping Oksana, but not punching her, in a hysterical moment during which he says he was protecting Lucia.

She says he did much worse, and recorded the Mel Gibson tapes as evidence of her murder, if that happened, but also to "help" crazy Mel if it did not.

Listen to a portion of her interview after the jump ...


In response to Mad Mark--Mel was more than "worked up". No matter how much she could possibly have provoked him, is his response in any way normal? NO WAY!
I have a nephew who has a very violent temper, and his wife called me one time and told me that if she was found dead, my nephew did it. If she HAD been found dead, I would not have doubted that my nephew did it. You can just see in some people the potential to cause great bodily harm, even death. I believe Oksana recognised that in Mel.
It makes me sick that the victim is blamed. Tonya is right. Mel is just an abusive *ucker!


I believe she's a manipulative liar,I think she gets him worked up then hits record while he's in a rage and puts on her innocent act.to say that she recorded those calls so her mother has evidence if something should happen to her is total bullshit.I don't believe for a minute that she's an innocent victim,I think she's a money hungry bitch that's trying to cash in on the whole situation by making him the villain.she doesn't want him to get custody because she knows that custody= $$$$$. I hope she gets exposed (more so) for being the lying money hungry bitch that she is.


So Mel got found out. Abusive *ucker. About time someone busted his ass. He's controlling and has used his money all this time to get what he wants. When the money didn't give him power over Oskana he flipped a script. HE SHOULD NEVER GET CUSTODY OF ANY CHILD because of his temper!


Team Mel. She's a money-grabbing b#tch.


Poor Mel...his mid life crisis turned full time nightmare with this lunatic, and now he has a kid to contend with. She trapped him and when he found out she's shallow and pointless, she freaked. I hope he gets the kid.


she is insane team mel for sure


Ok- *ME*L Is only concerned with himself. He is also SECRETIVE-spell his surname backwards and you have, *nos big* as in Pinnochio. Also-he thinks he *knows it all*. I FIND IT INTERESTING THAT OKSANA HAS *ANA* in her first name, indicating EXTREME GREED- OK spelled backwards indicating secretive and vengeful. She plays very dirty. And I found it especially interesting that she has the word *rigor* in her surname. Which gives you a little hint as to the way she is going to die or be found. Honestly-these two completely deserve each other. Now Kiddies, what can you glean from a name like GUILIANA RANCIC?


She is so objective and patient. Mel got mad and told her she was doing things he didn't like and she's like, You're ill. You need help. He called her all kinds of names and she's like, You don't mean that you're just crazy. He really sounds like he is angry about what she has said or done and she seems to avoid that and keeps the focus on his anger. She sounds very clinical about it all. It seems silly not to call the police if you really think you're going to be killed. So get killed but make sure for sure that your mom has some Perry Mason clues.

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