Courtney Love Social Networking Nudity Returns!

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Courtney Love is back in full effect on Twitter. Revealing far more of herself than anyone ever wanted to see on Twitter, to be more precise. Just revolting.

No wonder Frances Bean Cobain wanted to be emancipated from this whack job before she turned 18. Courtney ... NO ONE CARES. Keep it in your pants.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

Be that as it may, the Hole "singer" posted some strange and oddly disturbing images for us to enjoy. Follow the jump to see her latest effort if you dare:

We don't even want to know.


Screw you guys, I'd get me some of that action.


She's a seriously sick puppy. Did she ever get her distemper shots? Maybe she should be tied up to her doghouse in the backyard and left alone. Thats what happens to the bad mutts.


I seriously threw up when I seen this photo. She is the nastiest, most revolting piece of dog shit I have ever seen. I think you can catch a disgusting std if you look at the photo for more than 2 seconds. No wonder her daughter hates her. Her mom is a infected puss herpe. Oh shit, I need to throw up again!


She's just trying to talk out her a$$ because her mouth knows better than to because of all the lies it tells. LOL


The hell!!! , she doesn't have a sexy a**! , no offense..

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