Frances Bean Cobain Turns 18, Courtney Love Tears Her a New One on Twitter

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Courtney Love has issues.

Her daughter, with the late Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, just turned 18, and let's just say Court didn't mark the occasion with a nice Hallmark card.

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Frances Bean Cobain was publicly blistered by her rock star mom on Twitter in a string of vintage Courtney Love impassioned, nonsensical attacks.

She was scolded that "youve done a damned good job frances of destroying anything i could build" and warned that Love can and will "ruiinher."

"Why would you leave me and my life in tatters like this" reads another Love Tweet. "was that therapist right? Why do you want to ruin my life?"

But in typical Courtney fashion, she turns on a dime to regrets and seemingly bona dide compliments, Tweeting that she "aches" for her daughter.

Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain in pre-Twitter tirade times.

"I long for your kiss, your sweet head smell," she notes sweetly, with odd word choices. "I long for youm I ache for youm I die for you every day."

"im done, you arent dumb you know what youve done what youve sold i couldnt shelter you from them i suppose its my fault, im so sorry bean. x"

The two have engaged in a vicious, often public battle since late last year, when her own unstable conduct cost her legal guardianship of Frances.

Courtney's latest album, Nobody's Daughter, written while the star was in rehab, was released in April, just weeks after Frances released a record.

Maybe mom and daughter can mend fences and collaborate on a record together next? Some of these Tweets would make for tremendous lyrics.

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for one, kurt didn't commit suicide. courtney killed him after he came back from france and found out about her affair with Smashing Pumpkins' billy corgan. and two, courtney is crazy as fuck. frances knows what's up, she's a kid of the 90's, she'll make it out on top one way or another.


frances looks just like her dad..thank god. her mom is one fucked up cookie.


@ merlin, kurt cobain was her father. the singer in the band nirvana who committed suicide. she really does look like him alot, kinda creepy....




Wow - see kids, drugs ARE bad. She is so nuts - poor Frances. Suicidal dad and crazy druggie Mom - sad. How is she sane? If I could I would tell her - Frances honey it is not too late for you - run hard and fast and don't look back! You don't owe this crazy lady anything and you can't save her. Live your life well.


Kurt who??

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