Britney Spears Bonds With Sean Preston

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Britney Spears and her eldest son, Sean Preston Federline, headed out for some mother-son bonding time this weekend. Frozen treats were involved.

The adorable twosome hit up Menchie’s yogurt shop, and SP wasted no time digging in - after a pit stop at mom’s home away from home, Starbucks.

Amazing as it is that Britney Spears has a five-year-old son, motherhood does seem to suit her, especially since she got back on medication in 2008.

Here's the two of them strolling through Calabasas ...

Frozen Yogurt Pals
Sean Preston and Britney Pic

Britney's kid is huge! And cute! [Photos: Fame Pictures]


britney looks good and her son handsome


Wtf is everyone saying she looks horrible ya her son is cute..but she looks horrid her hair is a mess she isent matching and she is fat as hell is she prego again???? But atleast she is trying to be a good mom i give her the thumbs up on that just pls brit dont ever get off ur meds again you ruined it for me.... I use to love brit now she is one of those people i would never even liste to i had her first cd she was great now shes just horrible


Britney looks good in those shorts,and her son is handsome. Jammerson


I like the way Britney looks,and her son is handsome.


britney i love you, but please get a new hair stylist.


good britney. love


believe it or not, even celebs are allowed to have
privacy in this country. cute kid! ...Mom...give me some more ice cream...


Britney's Kid is almost as big as her thighs.


lol c people arguing bout can she wear that a not...wth. when i go out i just wear a t-shirt and shorts. she can wear whatever she wants to,do whatever she want and you all have no rights to judge her. good to c her back on track. GO BRITNEY!!!


wow EVERYONE stares at her like dude can u at least try to not b that evident?? BE KIND, AMERICA!!!

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