Minka Kelly is the Sexiest Woman Alive

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It's not enough that Minka Kelly gets to go to bed alongside Derek Jeter every night.

The former Friday Night Lights star also has to look like this:

What a Pic
Holy Kelly

Based on this photo, is it any wonder why Kelly was named the Sexiest Woman in the World by Esquire? She deserves spots one through five, if you ask us.

"I'm so excited to be a woman," said the actress, who recently turned 30. "I'm confident in my skin, and I'm cool with my flaws and all that stuff."

Flaws?!? Check out the following pictures, and watch this video, and try to pick out a single flaw on Minka...

Is Minka Kelly the Sexiest Woman Alive?


Ciara is sexier hands down!


Every woman is sexy in their own way


the sexiest women alive are women (famous or not) who have long term relationships and marriages without having to constantly open their blouse,and pose just for the sake of posing trying to be sexy.In the days of Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner,
Eartha Kitt, and of course Elizabeth Taylor,women had a mystery about themselves without being over exposed. The above named women were sexier than Marilyn Monroe because her ultimate goal was being a sex object.Rita Wilson, Annette Benning,Kate Capshaw,
Keisha Whitaker, and of course Catherine Zeta-Jones have an appeal that will always be gratifying to their husbands because these women do not seek the limelight, and their need for privacy,
make them more confident as women,and a light in their husband's eyes. Knowing how to pose for a camera does not make one person the sexiest woman alive.


She is sexy look. I think Minka Kelly similar to kim kardisian.
Minka Kelly Esquire Hot Photos Collection: http://bit.ly/99pm8V




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Minka Kelly is a beautiful actress you may recognize from the amazing NBC series known as Friday Night Lights. We also recognize her from... More »
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