Mel Gibson Will Testify in Child Custody Battle

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After months of speculation, rumors and insane Mel Gibson rants, we'll finally hear from the actor himself. Or at least a judge will. He's being deposed Monday.

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers finally snagged a sit-down interview with Gibson, though the deposition will only involve their child custody battle over Lucia.

Grigorieva On the Move

In other words, domestic violence allegations against him are off-limits.

Mel will finally give his side of the story. Sort of.

"Mel's team agreed to have him sit for the deposition November 1," a source said. "Mel will decline to discuss the alleged assault on Oksana, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination given the active police investigation."

Oksana Grigorieva - already in crisis after their family law specialist quit on Sunday - is facing even more obstacles behind the scenes, as she feels she does not have a qualified lawyer who can interrogate the Oscar-winning actor/director.

Her lead attorney, Martin Garbus, is unable to practice in California after a judge rejected his pro hac vice motion last week, as Radar Online reported.

Oksana's other lawyer, Lisa Bloom, will be in London to speak before the House of Commons on climate change on the same day Mel is being deposed.

Given Garbus' inability to be admitted in California, and Bloom's scheduling conflict, it is unclear who is going to take Mel's deposition, sources report.

Daniel Horowitz is her only attorney available.

Oksana's lawyers have been trying to schedule a deposition with Mel since August after he missed two dates due to his vacation with his children.

However, a Los Angeles judge ordered Mel to submit to the attorneys' questioning before another judge and gave him a November 10 deadline.

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Questions about alleged domestic violence are off the table for Mel's deposition the way questions about extortion were off the table for Oksana. No one is being asked to say anything that might incriminate them. But personally, I would not want to spend a bunch of hours with Horowitz--he has been lying incessantly since he took on Oksana's case. Does he ever tell the truth?