Mel Gibson Denied Access to Daughter on Birthday

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Mel Gibson won't be able to spend a second with his baby girl Lucia tomorrow on her first birthday, after being shut down by the judge in their custody case.

The actor gets Lucia today but is supposed to return her to Oksana Grigorieva in the afternoon. The issue is that Mel's primary nanny is out sick this morning.

As such, Mel asked the judge for permission to return Lucia Saturday. No dice.

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are in an all-out war over custody.

Team Oksana objected, arguing Mel has another nanny who is perfectly capable of transporting Lucia. She already feels Mel already has too much visitation.

In the end, the judge kept the status quo, which means Mel must return Lucia this evening. He's testifying Monday in their case. All we're wondering here is ...


For Oksana, it appears to be all about winning the support of the public while denigrating Mel--how does this help her daughter? A father who wants to spend time with his one-year-old daughter on her birthday and offers any flimsy reason to try to arrange it is not doing a bad thing. He loves her--give the guy a break.


and btw, last i checked, it's oksana who keeps spouting to the media about how awful a person mel is. out of the two of them, mel is the only only one who's been following the judge's gag order. it's not his fault that his ex can't keep her mouth shut and continues to spew to the public.


leo the only one who's being vindictive here is oksana! sheesh, the guy requested if he could return her on the morning of her bday and she thinks he's getting too much visitation? the only hate i'm seeing here is coming from her part since she's out to destroy mel as much as she can. he already tried to settle with her which she first accepted but then rejected. she also took away his right to spend father's day with his daughter and you're saying that mel is being selfish? has he kicked them out of his house? has he stopped paying child support? maybe you need to read all the facts first before blaming this on mel as well. most caring mothers would love for their kids to spend time with their fathers, too bad oksana only thinks about herself.

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