Maci Bookout Dating Kyle King, Not Ryan Edwards

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout denies cheating on boyfriend Kyle King with her estranged baby daddy, despite reports she's back together with Ryan Edwards.

Bookout tells Us she's not with Edwards, who recently told a tabloid that during their relationship, Bookout cheated on him with Kyle King, her current beau.

Yep, she's accused of cheating on both with the other at one point. But "He can say what he wants," Bookout says. "I don't pay attention to [untrue things]."

Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham

New reports suggest she dumped King reunite with Edwards. To the contrary, she and King are "really good," and she and son Bentley moved closer to him.

"It feels right," she says of the move to Nashville, Tenn., to be closer to Kyle King. "[Kyle and I] really work because, before anything, we're best friends."

As for Bentley's dad, despite his accusations, things aren't all bad.

After a rough patch in which Ryan Edwards threatened to sue for custody of Bentley, arrangements are now "under control," Bookout says. "We've learned ways to talk to each other without being so mean," the Tennessee native said.

Hmm. Sounds promising. Should Maci and Ryan get back together?


ryan needs to get a life because it not good that he has left maci and her son alone and ryan has got a new girlfriend now!!!!!!!


Wow thats great


For the people sticking up for these teens because it's possible to get pregnant while on birth control, you are correct. My mother had my brother, a surprise and an accident, while using condoms and while on birth control. It is possible to become pregnant while using some form of birth control, no matter the percentages. HOWEVER. At the finale of 16 and Pregnant, ALL these girls stated that when they got pregnant, they were not on birth control. Not even using CONDOMS. If I got pregnant, it would not be for lack of trying not to be.


Hi Nicole, Your story sounds unlikely. Furthermore, If you are really from the best private schools and top of your class, why can't you spell? You are correct though. No one should be bullied for choosing to have a child.


Hey momma and Nicole: So, you're saying that no one ever told these immature and ignorant young people that they would get pregnant if they have sex? It's not their fault? Apparently they somehow didn't hear about birth control and safe sex? Virtually impossible to become pregnant if you practice both. I know, everyone's doing it so they had to do it too! Not even near true because most teen girls are not doing it at that age. You don't automatically get respect when you become pregnant at any age, especially if you have absolutely no way to take care of a baby. Did you dump the burdon of supporting your unwanted baby on your parents lap like most do? In most cases the rest of us end up financing the unwanted babies with our tax dollars and we're not given a choice either. Skanks don't deserve respect.


first of all, this is called gossip. its only meant for your entertainment. so no one needs to get upset or defensive. second, no one needs to be rude. the truth is no one is ever ready to be a parent. regardless if your 16 or 30 years old. becoming a first time parent is always a scary and exciting thing. so please show some respect to those young women who are single parents because its not an easy thing to do alone. those who do have a loving and caring partner, congradulations. just know that being a parent is not for everyone. some people make fantastic parents others not so much. those are the children you need to pray for because they are stuck with parents that really dont know how to be a good mom or dad, because they were never meant to be parents in the first place....

Avatar call them out for being immature, but you say LOL...hahah yeah youre extremely mature as well.


This argument is so immature and stupid it made me LOL lots.


Ummm if you want to trash talk someone for being a moron at least spell trailEr right, u douche.


This is totally uncalled for! no one asked for your fuckin opinion and no one told you to read the article. If you want to read about actual celebrities then look them up specifically. These girls are celebrities. I being a teen mom myself know what a struggle this is especially being a single teen mother. Maci and ryan can do whatever they prefer to do and they do not care what a moron like YOU has to say about it.

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