Teen Mom's Maci Bookout: Dating Kyle King!

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It was hard for Teen Mom star Maci Bookout after ending a bitter relationship with Ryan Edwards, the father of her son Bentley. But now she's moving on.

She fell in love with an old childhood pal, Kyle King!

Did Kyle balk at the prospect of romancing a single, 19-year-old mom? Not at all, Maci Bookout says: "He was very understanding of the whole situation."

"Since he wasn't scared, he put me at ease."

What makes King so special? "He's responsible, fun, and incredibly caring, and he's just a lot more mature than most guys," Bookout gushes about her man.

Once Bookout "made sure that [Kyle King] was really serious," she made the proper introductions to Bentley. After about a day, "they became inseparable!"

Looks like it's going great. She and Bentley, now 22 months, spent the summer in King's native Nashville to be close to him during her college break.

Maci is a journalism major in addition to majoring in parenthood - now that's a full life! Still, she's handling her responsibilities rather well, it seems.

Adds Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman: "She was terrified Bentley might not warm up to him, but he did. They're having a great time together!"

King admits surrogate fatherhood took getting used to. "It was a learning process. I wasn't good with kids before, but I've learned a lot and I like it!"

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I love this show. Me and my daughter whom is only 4 loves the show. she even knows who bentley is. lol Maci and catelynn are our favorites. I really commend maci for being such a good , loving and mature mother to bentley. Ryans is hot! She should get back with him i would! Catelynn n tyler are adorable her mom is horrible! Farrah needs to learn how to respect her parents regardless of wut the situation is they are her parents. Amber is a junkie. Go maci go maci go maci!


Watching this show, I am amazed that Amber has not lost her child to children services. I think Gary does the best he can and to handle Amber self-indulgent, physically and emotionally demeaning behavior towards Gary and her child. I am just amazed the child is still in her care.


I thought Kyle broke up with Maci? And the dude that Amber went out with(whom she met at Wal-Mart) anyone could tell by the first date that he just wanted to be on TV. Does anyone know if the show is going to go on?


This is for jbug, I totally dissagree with you, Maci is the best one on the show. She is on her own, an di think she is doing very well for herself and for Bentley, considering she had him at a young age.


Maci is my favorite,She is by far the best mom on the show. I feel bad that Ryan is the father. He is lazy and he doesnt seem to care for his baby its his parents that want Bently not him. It seems like ryans current fling is more interested in Bently.


me and my daughter watch the show every time its on you and caytleen are our two favorites


Watched this week's show which showed Maci driving home at night on the interstate after Ryan told her he was taking her to court. I realize that she was very upset, but....Bentley was in the back seat, she was talking on the phone while driving upset....and she frequently turned loose of the steering wheel entirely with her other hand. Someone needs to warn her of how easily wrecks can happen with this kind of inattention to her driving. I am surprised that the cameraman did not intervene....


What kind of parents would allow their grown son who is a father himself to live under their roof with no job?Ryan is a spoiled lazy bum.His parents pay his child support so what is it that Ryan and his parents think a judge is going to say.Hang in there Maci your going to have a good life because you make good choices.


Maci is a fantastic mom. She is by far my favorite. She always puts Baby Bentley first and does things for his well being. :) She is a great person to her baby boy & her boyfriend. I think She & kyle should stay together, he is great with the baby and doesnt seem to be bothered by the fact its not his. And its hard to find men like that nowdays. Im preoud of her, and wish her the best in life.


Maci is a very responsiable mother she is great with Bentley. Ryan is not a parent he was a sperm donor. He is spoiled, lazy, and just down right rude. I don't think that he really wants to spend more time with his son he just dosen't want Maci to move on. You keep fighting girl fight for you and Bentley and tell his noisey little twisted mouthed girl friend to mind her own business because her opinion is just that her opinion we all have one but hers is not needed or wanted. You go Maci I am very proud of you. You have stepped up and became a great mother not many young mothers can say that.

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