Lady Gaga Married in Greece (Tabloid Declares)!

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Lady Gaga is married! She tied the knot in a secret beach wedding in Greece. True story, except for the part where Lady Gaga did not get married in any way.

Minor details. Why let that stop you if you're a tabloid?

Clever use of the realistic-looking pic, New Weekly, down to the white attire and Luc Carl (or Luc Carl stand-in). But rest assured, Gaga is not Mrs. Carl. Yet.

Married Gaga?

Lady Gaga's wedding will be magical. Sometime in the future.

In actual Gaga news, she put on some pounds lately, or at least it appears she did. We're not being critical, we think she looks a lot healthier. Way to be, G!

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when the hell was this i didnt even known this happend


well i just hope its not a bad romance and people have said that he has a girlfriend and its not gaga


o.m.g really??did that happened well fine!!!shes free baby


OWWH I was Expecting an extravagant and unique wedding dress xD
anyways I hope them the best


Lady GaGa is not married. She did a ceremony where she and Luc said handwritten vows and exchanged rings. They plan to get married and move in with each other soon. I don't think that Luc is deserving of GaGa, but whatever makes GaGa happy, should make her little monsters happy too.


I hope she will be happy


I do for Gaga. Pictures says it all. Well, we can't blame gaga for having a secret beach wedding on Greece, it's her choice and it's her prerogative to keep silent about her wedding. Well, I wonder how many guest gaga have on her special day. Who design her gown and how did her wedding went on? Rumor or not rumor only Gaga knows the truth.


well is she married or not !?!?