Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin: Standing Together?

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Sometimes u have to fall down to know where u stand.

Such sage words were Tweeted by Miles Austin this week. Was the Cowboys wide receiver referring to his team's dismal record, which sits at 1-5 and has Dallas unlikely to make the playoffs?

Or might it have been a shout-out to ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who replied on her Twitter account: Those are some pretty wise words, followed by - gasp! - a winking smiley face!

Very Big Breasts

Might Miles Austin be looking to score again with Kim Kardashian... off the field?!? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Kim has been spotted out with John Mayer and Kanye West over the last couple weeks, but insists neither is an option for romance.

“There are rumors that I’m dating a bunch of people right now," she told OK! Weekly at her fragrance launch in NYC. "If I’m out with some of my friends, I’m automatically dating them. You just have to kind of ignore them and live your life.”

As for a rekindled relationship with Austin? We have our doubts about what these Tweets mean. After all, standing is rarely the position Kim is in when it comes to professional athletes.


man hopefally kim and austin get back together. Miles is in kims level ther both hot. Reggie pshh hell just cheat on her again. Now chris humphries is ugly. She DOWNGRADED.


mile's hot


Haha kims a slut foreal shes clean on the outside an dirty on the inside uhh...reggi an austin an white boy beat it up wad a slut an kim tell khloe to be faith fool to odom.


why is it that kim dates football player they have to do hafl nude mag reggie did it


...standing is rarely the position Kim is in when it comes to professional athletes... Unnecessary and mean, hollywood gossip. Gossip is one thing, cruelty is quite another. Making you privy to her personal life feeds you and a host of others right now; so, please reserve your mean-spirited high-handedness for the more deserving - namely, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.


Sara I agree!


i hope their not together i don't like kim anyomore she is trash and a slut

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