Angelina Pivarnick to Snooki, Jersey Shore Cast: Youse All Suck!

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Angelina Pivarnick, formerly of Jersey Shore before she quit both of the seasons so far, chatted it up with Detroit’s Mojo In The Morning radio show Thursday.

She spoke about as eloquently as youse would expect.

The self proclaimed Kim K. of Staten Island said the reason she bailed "was because I was getting bullied by all of them and they were trying to ... like, you know abuse me and it was just ridiculous. There was a drama fight everyday."

Snooki-Angelina Fight

BULLYING VICTIM: Angelina Pivarnick claims she is, anyway.

Pivarnick said her "principles" kept her from attending the second season's reunion show, as she didn’t plan going there on bended knee and apologizing.

"To them, I owe them something and I, they need, they want me to go on hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. That's not the type of person I am."

The last image Jersey Shore viewers have of Pivarnick was her getting her ass kicked in a brawl with fellow cast member Snooki prior to leaving for good.

Pivarnick said she and Snooki "cant stand each other," which she hinted might have been borne out of romantic jealousy over Vinny Guadagnino.

Vin smashed both at various points in Season 2.

Snooki "got mad at me for having sex with Vinny," Pivarnick said, noting that “Meanwhile she was bringing guys home and he was bringing girls home."

"I had no idea that she actually like Vinny in that way, like, I had no idea and you know she never explained to me, like hey don’t touch Vinny whatever."

Vinny and Angelina in Bed

IN THE SMASH ROOM: Vingelina smush it real good.

"It’s so funny ‘cause it’s like me getting blamed for it but, Vinny’s the one who antagonized the whole entire thing of me hooking up with him," Ange said. 

Yes, that's the only thing funny about it.

"He's the one that came at me first," she says of Guadagnino. "He's the one that was like flirting with me, but then she gets mad at me.”

Pivarnick said Snooki was trying to make her "look like a ho."

"How am I a slut when I hooked up with Vinny like I had sex with him the whole two months I was there,” Pivarnick said, labeling Snooks a hypocrite.

“But then it's OK as soon as the episodes where she was having a guy in the bed?”

She has a good point ... we think. It's hard to understand her.


They bullyed her like hell. It was hurtful to watch. It doesn't matter she was bitchy in the first season, that only backfired on her. No excuse to bully one person in a group! How could they? Day after day when they are isolated and constantly filmed. Jenni, Ron, Vinny and all of them but Sam must be sociopaths! The worst thing Vinny is the face of an anti-bullying campaigne now. Not only has he bullyed Angelina, helped and enabled for others to bully Sam, protected Ron when cheating on and lying to Sam. Vinny also has been bullying tons of girls, calling them grenades etc. Then he talks about how hurt he was in high school when girls made fun of HIS appereance. Sorry Vinny but it is not ok to be a bully just because you have been bullyed yourself. Then it is even worse!


Really neaither of them bitches could fight!!! All they did was roll around on the ground and pull hair! What kind of bitch made shit is that?I do agree wit ya tho angelina did have the upper hand in the saddest fight I have ever seen!!! If ya ask me they are all need to quit complainin and move on.... When u put 7 drunks in one house shits bout ta pop off!


I forgot she was even on the damn show... It was just about fights jealousy and rage... :( ! when she left it got "real"... If she would have stayed Jersey Shore would be just like any other reality tv show out there... So me personally i could careless if shes on the show or not (i dont hate her or anything) but prefer that she just stays where shes at as long as its not on Jersey Shore... Or any other show for that matter.... With her no talking ass! QUIT WINING .... WHICH YA SCARY ASS aND FIGHT BACK BE RASHID BACK... SCARY aSS AND LEARN HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY PLEASE.. It's just annoying as fuck... Thanks ur truly! Lmao


Yea, angelina was an important part of the show... Well, the fellow cast members were insanely mean to Ange, even though she did some bad stuff.. Now she's in therapy and stuff(yea, that bad the bullying was). I would really take a plane fron where i am, and look for her just to hug her to make her feel better :) greetings from panama republic ;)


Funny that you say Angelina got her ass whooped by Snooki when clearly Angelina had the upper hand in the fight until Jwoww came and pulled Angelina off of Snooki!!!!


Angelina Pivarnick made the show bcuz of her there was soo many fights and it wasnt fake loved it but now it is sooo boring !!!!


it is trian wreck thursday...

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