Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift Tackle Childhood Obesity

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Michelle Obama has all the fun. While her husband was busy focusing on a Florida pastor that actually plans to burn the Quran on September 11, the First Lady spent her day in New Orleans.

She was at an event organized by NFL Play 60, a campaign that encourages children to be active for at least an hour everyday and is intended to tackle (get it?!?) the problem of obesity.

Former NFL stars Deuce McAllister and Eddie George joined Obama at Brock Elementary School, as Michelle showed off her moves on the field:

TD, Michelle!
First Lady Football

She also offered these words of wisdom to the kids in attendance:

“It’s not just enough that you exercise, but you also have to watch what you put in your body. You can’t live on soda and chips and all that. You can’t. Sorry. If you could, I tell you, I would. But you can’t. You’ve got to have vegetables and fruits.”

Taylor Swift joined the First Lady at the event and posed with the retired players, as seen here:
Taylor and NFL Stars

i agree with her r u the real reba ?


Taylor Swift cannot sing, you can't understand a thing she says...I still don't know where all the "hoopla" about her comes from. She's not even cute!


ok last night on the kick off tayrol swift can't sing i couldn't hea her i had to turn my tv up


Right on Michelle and Taylor!!
Two busy women taking time to encourage healthy choices for our youth at an age when they are young enough to listen.Michelle set an example by showing her moves on the field.She practices what she preach.

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