Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Stressed, Living Apart

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Ah, the life of a former Playboy centerfold and a mediocre NFL wide receiver.

With Hank Baskett having recently been signed by the Minnesota Vikings and spending a lot of time in that state, he and Kendra Wilkinson are living apart because the latter is obligated to remain in Philadelphia in order to film her reality show.

"The locations have already been cleared, and they have storylines to finish," an source tells Life & Style. "In Minnesota, they'll have to get permits. It's a disaster right now."

Man, don't you hate it when storylines affect a marriage?

While the couple remains committed to each other, this insider says the strain of Baskett joining his third NFL team, moving around in the process, is taking its toll on the family.

"The marriage is still strong, but Kendra and Hank are stressed... She wants to go to Minnesota and is desperately trying to get there. Will she make it? It all depends on what her show's production team can pull off."

At least Kendra can take solace in this uplifting fact: her sex tape is selling like crazy!


Kendra needs to sit down with Hank and tell him that his football career is basically over and he needs to start being supportive of HER career. He can always open some kind of fitness center in L.A. that would have a bunch of VIP and celebrity clients if he needs the money. In the meantime if her career takes off as I suspect it will she will be pulling in enough to take care of both of them and their son.


Kendra first off I love you, Hank and little Hank together, but hun you married a athlete and you more than most understand what that means. So you need to tape that show and get out there and support your husband as he should also support and stand by you. Marriage is hard work and you all have just begun. Good luck to you both.


No worries Kendra, Hank will be cut by the Vikings when Sidney Rice comes back in week eight.

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