Karissa Shannon Sex Tape: Acquired by Vivid, Likely Coming Soon

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Expect a Karissa Shannon sex tape to hit the market before the year is over.

Vivid Entertainment President Steve Hirsch has confirmed he's in possession of a video that features the former Playmate getting it on with boyfriend Sam Jones III. He describes the action as "extremely erotic" and says "a reputable third party" dropped the tape off in his office.

That's the first time Spencer Pratt has ever been referred to as "reputable."

Karissa Kicks Back

Hirsch says he's "very impressed with the quality and content" of the tape. In other words: Shannon gets seriously naked and frisky in it!

Naturally, Karissa has claimed she wants the video back, and Jones said of Vivid's acquisition:

"I understand that the guy from Vivid saw footage with Karissa and I in it. We have spoken to our legal team and they will be dealing with this ASAP."

This, of course, is the typical song-and-sex-tape-dance. Just ask Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson and a number of other celebrities: you make a sex tape, you pretend it was accidently leaked or stolen, you threaten legal action and then you agree to a settlement for a large sum of money in exchange for the video's release.

Jones, a little-known actor, recurred for many years on The CW show Smallville. We wonder if that will be an apt name for this footage, as well, if you know what we mean!!!

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