Yes, Robert Pattinson Can Also Sing

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We all know Robert Pattinson can act.

And give entertaining interviews.

And look handsome.

And glisten in the sunlight.

But this A-lister isn't satisfied with just those talents, as he also possesses a beautiful voice. It was on display during an episode of Songs from a Room, a London-based series that surprises people by having celebrities show up and sing. Watch Robert do just that below.

Can you top this, Taylor Lautner?!?

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hes voice is soo unique im hopeing after the twilight sagas are done he gose to his music he really likes it u can tell by the way he talks about it


OMG! This makes me Cry. Rob I love your voice its so moving. Please make an Album!


Thank you Rachel Kelly, you said it best... and, like K-Stew once said, that it just breaks your heart to hear Rob sing, and it does! He just has to do something with his music, I hope before he starts filming Breaking Dawn, he will take time to play his music and sing, I hope. I listen to his music on limewire every morning, but it would be nice to own a cd of his so I could listen to it on my stereo. So all I can say if he does is; "Good on ya mate"


When I hear Rob Pattinson sing it just makes me feel moved. There are those who perform songs and then there are those people who sing from their heart, and that is Rob. Check out his version of i was broken online. It is so good. I also love let me sign and never think and pretty much any other song he has sung that's been recorded. He has a great future in music. I hope he releases a record soon. Keep in mind most of what you find of his online is not overly produced or anything like you would find on a CD. It's just him in a bar or pub somewhere on an open mic night, and someone recorded it. He is great LIVE, which is a true artist! Can't wait to see him someday perform live music. Hope he keeps making movies too, but love his singing/playing even more. :)


my heart has melted. i love you rob!


wow =o hes an awesome singer 4 an actor idk he should sing 2 :)


He's simply amazing. His best are still Let Me Sign and I Was Broken but it's so incredible to hear new material after all these many long months. Please release an album Rob!!!


Love it,Love all the movies Robert has done.Love the music he plays on the CD of twilight series.He is just a talented person,and he had a good upbringing from his parents.Loved the interview he did on the tonight show I think with His parents.He is awesome and Kristen also keep going.


Robert seems to do everything just right!xxx