Lawyer for Joe Jonas: My Client is Not Doing Demi Lovato!

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Joe Jonas turned 20 years old on Saturday.

But the singer isn't in a celebratory mood today, as his lawyer has fired off a letter to Zack Taylor because that celebrity gossip blogger continues to insist that Jonas is slipping it to ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato.

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TMZ has published the document, which takes issue with an article on Taylor's website that states Joe and Demi are "friends with benefits." Due to the differences in the stars' ages, this is a dangerous accusation, one attorney Rob Cohen writes is "completely false, offensive and defamatory."

Moreover, the letter (read it here) accuses Taylor of a "malicious attempt to attack and devalue [Joe's] good name and reputation."

Joe and Demi broke up in May. They are currently touring together, which Jonas says is fine because they remain close friends.

The singer's lawyer demands that Taylor remove the posting in question or face a lawsuit. In the meantime, Joe will continue to possibly court Ashley Greene, an actress of legal age who we're guessing he'd gladly be accused of giving it to.


age doesn't matter in a relationship, and in this case joe won't be faced with any legal charges for illegal actions..they are the right age to do anything..


I miss this couple soo much:*(


Joe has a Right to Make a Big Deal Out of this. Friends with Benifits can mean anything. They Tried Dating it Didn't Work out so the Fucking Zack Taylor Creature Should Zip it. I Agree that Joe Should Put a lawsuit on The Guy. Wow,People Like Zack Taylor Need to Grow up. Nuff Said.


Just gotta say that part of this is wrong. The age to consent in Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, and most of the United States is 17. Demi has the right to consent to sex with Joe. I'm not saying she is having sex with him, I pray that she's not cause if she is that would a horrible mistake on her part. But the point being referenced here is :"Due to the differences in the stars' ages, this is a dangerous accusation". That alone is false, even if they are sleeping together Joe faces no charges of statutory rape or anything, Demi I'm sure consented (if they slept together). If Demi didn't consent then its a totally different thing. The only thing Joe has to stand on is that what Zack Taylor said goes against his image and it's defamatory. It's dangerous to his has been image and popularity. Even if this is true he won't go to jail or anything, it just threatens his popularity not his free life. Get over it Joe!


@Hilton Hater: I've always thought it was funny that you've made fun of Miley Cyrus for dating a 20 year old but said nothing about 17 year old Demi Lovato for dating 2o year old Joe Jonas. anyway, Demi will be 18 in 3 days so people should leave her alone.

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