Christina Ricci on Robert Pattinson: Great Guy, Awesome Kisser!

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In the upcoming movie Bel Ami, Robert Pattinson makes loves to a lot of women.

His character rises to power in Paris by sleeping with and manipulating many females, one of whom will be played by Christina Ricci.

Asked by E! News what it was like to work so closely with the Twilight Saga hunk, Ricci said there is some "naughtiness" between their characters and summed up the shoot with this praise for her co-star:

"Working with Rob was amazing. He's such a great guy, so talented."

On Bel Ami Set

Fans, of course, wanna know a lot more. For example, is Pattinson a good kisser? "He is pretty much awesome," Ricci confirmed.

She also said the woman who would know best, Kristen Stewart, visited the set at least once, describing this half of Robsten as "totally sweet."

In closing, even though Ricci has never seen Twilight or Eclipse, she said she can understand the appeal of the films and their British star: "He's so funny and quirky and weird. He's an awesome human being."


i luv u robert pattinson and i hope u and kristen r and stay together i just think u guys r soooooooooooo right for each other u and kristenn r my two favorite actorsa and actresses i luv u two so much and would be a honor to meet u and kristen for real life. i realy never met anyone famous in my life well i think i did once when i was like 4 or 5 my mom showed me a pic with my brother and the famouse tennis player but i dont even rememberso im asking u begggggggggggggggingggggg u to plzzzzzzzz robert and kristen sytay togetherrrrrr for ever:):}


I havent seen her act since mermaids & that movie where her nose turned into a pigs nose


He is gay.


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Yea, nice headlights!!


she isnt wearing a bra!!!!


Glad to hear such good things about Rob from someone who has worked with him. He seems like such a nice guy and gorgeous too!!


Havent seen her in movies since Black snake Moan

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