Bachelor Breakdown: Mary Delgado Popped For DUI

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A slightly nutty two-time contestant and one-time winner of The Bachelor was charged with DUI this morning in Tampa, Fla. Good ol' Mary Delgado.

Mary, whose real name is Maribel Delgado, won the sixth season of the reality show and once beat up Byron Velvick, whose final rose she accepted.

Delgado, a former cheerleader with the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, faces a charge of misdemeanor DUI after refusing a blood alcohol test.

She was later released on $500 bail.

Mary Delgado Mug Shot (2010)

Mary Delgado's mug shot: 2010 edition!

This isn't Delgado's first run-in with the law. She was arrested in 2007 in Seminole, Fla., on battery charges for allegedly punching Velvick in the face.

More than a year later, in November 2008, Mary was hauled off to jail for public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in Del Rio, Texas.

The couple weathered ups, downs and beatings for years, but never married and went their separate ways in December 2009. Pretty sad story.

On the plus side, Vienna Girardi is no longer the biggest train wreck to have ever won The Bachelor. Take comfort in that, V - you're no Delgado!


Byron is a pig and never ever planned on marrying anyone. He was a swinger withhis past wife who was a stripper in Vegas. He likes plastic and threesomes and Mary didn't go for that. Byron hurt her. She was the news best woman he ever had and was a better man with her. I know them both. We all wondered how long he would play that game. He did it for the money. Byron told me he never would marry again way before the bachelor. Any woman would be driven to drink with that playboy.


Now today in 2011 she works as a drug rep in St. Petersburg, Florida area and is still just as fake and snobby as she was on the bachelor.


Mary used to sell some Stone products in Tampa for a builder. Then she tried selling car advertising gimmicks for a company in Hyde Park (South Tampa). The building industry in FL is in bad shape. Car sales are way off. Her TV dude dumped her. So, everything that she has been involved with since 2002 is over. Whatever experience she got from selling home products and car advertising is useless in Florida. And, she's 42, so the kid option is out. She was engaged 2 times in the past to NFL defensive backs before Byron, but they cheated on her. Even fishing on ESPN didn't turn this bimbo around. She treated some people badly in Tampa... Well, it caught up to her.


Wow I love it when people start their yappin when they base opinions on what they think rather than the facts. You keep living in a dream world that he is perfect... You see what Hollywood wants you to see, and that is it. Yes keep watching the fricken brady bunch because that is just as realistic as your thought process. You don't know the first thing about Mary... and frankly you don't deserve to know her. You want to call her names, and place judgment on her well why don't you look at the rest of Hollywood with actors, and actresses in and out of Rehab. Oh and I a sure if your life was under a fricken microscope you would be perfect! yeah I'll bet. Just keep on going with your little opinions, but trust me Karma will come back when you say such cruel things, and judge others. No one is perfect not me, not Mary and certainly not you. When you are perfect then you can talk. Take care.


Bryon Velvick is the BEST bachelor they've ever had on The Bachelor! He seemed to be the everything; I personally would have loved to have had a chance at him. I did not ever like
Delgado; she never did seem together. She was whiny and always wanted her way. The best thing he ever did was NOT marry her.Now
I don't know how he stuck it out. And she was so worried about her poor frail parents meeting HIM when all along she was the train wreck. I would love to see Bryon in something again. He is
gorgeous, gracious and I hope she didn't turn him against women
and honest and truthful people. After these many years with her
I'm sure trust issues could pop up. Run from her Byron! She's black death disguised as a bitch. She's definitely got a screw
loose. Let her be the old maid with black roses! Byron is the best bachelor on the entire show!!! I don't know that any of the contestants are good enough for him after what I've seen out of some of them. Jillian maybe or DeAna.


Maybe Vienna isn't the biggest trainwreck, but her face still looks like a horse.

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