Refudiate This: Sarah Palin Decries Ground Zero Mosque, Compares Self to Shakespeare

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Sarah Palin has weighed in over a planned mosque near New York's Ground Zero - an idea she took to her Twitter page to encourage Muslims to refudiate.

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    i just voted against palin cos it'd be funny.
    haha jk (seriously, joking. didn't even vote.) but in all seriousness. is that mosque even needed? i'm not a new yorker and i've only been there once, so i didn't know the need for a mosque is that big it surpasses the controversy and social restlessness it'd cost if the mosque is built. nothing against muslims, really. just sayin...


    as a canadian I get to see first hand alot of stupid things that america does (mostly to itself) this one move to allow the mosque on ground zero will create much more hatred crimes and terrorist attacks then simply denying the property to be built for that i say "stupid america" if i lived there in NY or nearby I would leave, your country wants to take it up the u know (SOME MORE!)


    I am STILL PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN BUT THIS MAKES ME WANT TO FUCKING VOMIT WITH RAGE!!! Did we ALL forget what the FUCK happened on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001??? STOP DRINKING THE FUCKING KOOL AID AND THINK FOR YOURSELF AND NOT WHAT THE MEDIA WANT YOU TO THINK. As a society, we have gone down the crapper. We have gone to the extreme of being too P.C. and it has to stop HERE!!! We do not need to be some crazed racist country but we need to get back to what is best for the people of the USA and not everyone else!!!


    This must be part of dummy up America. A mosque on ground zero. I mentioned this to my 16 year old son and he said "What happened to the American Spine? Didn't the muslims hit the twin towers + somehow building #7? I guess American's are bending over and getting another kick up the gazzo. So Sad - America use to be a wonderful country with ethics and morals.


    No, I think you are being incredibly unfair. You can have a difference of opinion without belittling someone. And get a sense of humor. Geez.


    I am not american but i have been to new york many times and i love that city, I was shocked when i heard they are planning to build the mosque over the "grave" of innocent people murdered by muslims!!!! Bloomberg you're a sellout and a coward!


    I totally agree with Sarah on this one. The Muslims don't need to build a mosque on ground zero at all. It is an affront to what happened on 9/11. People need to wake up and understand that radical Muslims only want to bring harm to the west (US) and don't have any real desire to integrate into the melting pot that is exemplified by NYC. Just look at France to see the reality of what they want to do. Bloomberg is a joker with lots of money and bought his position so his reasoning should be subject to much scrutiny.


    @Alan D. Shaffer: Should we have stopped building churches because of the action of Timothy McVeigh?
    Brush up on your own history. Every single religion has religious fanatics - are you really gonna argue that Christianity does not?


    @rere: I totally agree. Concocting one's own words and showing as much intolerance for religion as possible are the exact qualities I look for in a POTUS. Look how well it works with George W.


    gives me more reason to like her. Sarah for the next presidency!
    Bloomberg needs to die in a hole

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