Kim Kardashian: I'll Always Be There for Lindsay Lohan!

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If we were the cynical type, we'd say Kim Kardashian is only pretending to be Lindsay Lohan's friend these days because it makes her look like a caring individual.

After all, Kim stopped by Lindsay's house for dinner the day after Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison - and we challenge anyone to come up with the last time these two hung out prior to that verdict.

At the Amp Energy Bullrun Rally this weekend, Kardashian was asked about this newfound connection and told OK! Weekly: “I just think that no matter what your friends go through you just have to support your friends, no matter what.”

Speaking of support, Kim's outfit at this random event supported her curves quite well:

Hot Suit

Kardashian was also asked about Lamar Odom at the rally and had nothing but praise for her brother-in-law:

“Lamar is a really strong guy... I think it takes a real man to be able to handle living this crazy life. And having him and his wife be in it together is a lot to deal with, but everyone does a good job at it. You have to not let it really affect your life too much.”

Not affect your life too much?!? This is your life, Kim! The press and the paparazzi and the tabloid covers are how you and your family make a living.

Don't make it sound like it's a burden. That rings even more hollow than your friendship with Lohan.

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You guys are so judgemental. yall shall let K.K be a celebrity that she is.




Please Kim u love the press that is why u leak fake stories every week and tell the paps where your going so u can have ur pic taken. She is sooo fake somebody take her down!!!


i think yall need to shutup i don't like lisnday at least soneone be there if i got in troble i would want soneone be there for me and if they get in troble i'll be there for them depends on who it is.


Um, that outfit doesn't really work for you, and um, I saw your dress at the wedding....that isnt being supportive of your friend Kim. Geeze-us, girl. Have you NO SHAME?


What does she mean "support" your friends?
Miss K. does NOT exactly have a reputation for being social acceptable, so it is not strange that KK does not see that Lindsay is a MESS who needs more HELP than this "support" of hers. Poor Kimmy, she's show up at a dog-poop convention if there was a camera. Pitiful.


Of course Kim K will always be there for any and everybody if a photo op is involved.


i now think you are a moron, u need help also