Jacqueline Laurita on The Real Housewives of New Jersey: We Are a Disgrace!

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Love and light. Stay in the positive, bitch! - Ashley Holmes to Danielle Staub

Last night, Bravo offered up an unbeWEAVEable episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The utter insanity was highlighted by a fight between Danielle Staub and Tersea Giudice, culminating in Ashley Holmes - the 19-year old daughter of Jacqueline Laurita - yanking out Staub's hair extension.

The writers of this installment deserve an Emmy, though Holmes posted this week on her Facebook page yesterday: "YIKES... not one of my finest moments in life."

Weave Me Alone

Police were called to the scene of the chaos, which was filmed months ago.

Therefore, Laurita has had time to reflect on the events and Tweeted late last week:

"It's like at train-wreck you can't look away from... We are a disgrace! It's bad. Shameful but... a little bit humorous, dare I say, in parts. Hope we can still be friends. Lol!"

Friends?!? Bravo likely just gave you all raises and lifetime contracts. Go out and celebrate! We know where you can find a good coke whore for the occasion...

A Coke Whore
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I think Bravo needs to dump everyone on the HWNJ & get fresh faces or just drop the NJ wives altogether. This one & the HWDC both suck bad!


OK- Here's what I have to say.. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood "COLLINWOOD" in Ohio.. This Jersey Stuff is Mind Blowing !! These Chicks THINK they are SO tough and Know everything!! Let me tell ya.. they KNOW NOTHING !! I used to think life was short however, after losing My MOM and reviewing MY life I see GOD gives us a LONG LIFE and if WE ALL reflect on our lives there are things that happened you can't even remember unless you meet up with an Old friend on facebook.. I WISH BRAVO would contact me @ (440) 221-0659 (KARYN CROW (Herrera) for a GREAT reality show STRICTLY about LIFE in general !!


WOW Dang Mrs. J Laurita you looked hot in that red dress. I could'nt speak, hear or look at anything else but you. Firefighter for 21 years here in California and I never seen or felt HOT as you tonight! Don't waste time on Dan-Bitcha, tell her to bang fleas to bone the dog... lol?


Danielle needs to get a grip and come back down to earth... she needs to get b*tch slapped real bad...who ever believes her story must also think that she uses the the words woman/women in its correct context! she a drama queen!! Litterally!!!! she was on all my children! lol


Todd i'm with you. Everyone always attacks Danielle and why? It seems like it's been going on her entire life I don't get it? Your also right about Danielle being the only sane on in the bunch. Only a sane person would ride around in a car with her young daughters saying, "I don't care about them, I really, really don't care about those Manzo's, but let's just drive by real quick to see what's going on. I mean only a sane person would attend a charity event, at the Manzo's business, yet not pay for their table, bring felon body guards, but act as if she were the holy of holies but wait, her hearts in the right place. Todd you're absolutely correct she's a lady especially when she's swinging from that pole at the strip club.


Even Jennifer Aniston, who is just like Rachel Uchitel got Emmy Award for sitcom Friends! So Jacqueline Laurita and last of Real Housewives of New Jersey should have chance to get Emmy Award!!


I'm willing to bet money the comment that "Todd" wrote was actually written by Danielle herself, or one of her little gangster buddies. Because let's be honest with ourselves, no SANE person would actually agree with that!


the "lady D", is not innocent. she tries and act like she should be treated like jesus or some crap. and she is hurting her kids with every new play toy guy she brings into her life. the danielle chick should just leave the show and shut up nobody knew of her before and after this show is done nobody will ever care what happens to this crazed cracked out person


who wrote this comment danielle?(todd) lol...


Ashley is a pig, and needs to be glad that Danielle was taken off guard. Danielle should have slapped that fat little door mat into next weeks episode. But it's obvious lady D more class. I hope she takes legal action against the whole Manzo clan. Teresa and the Manzo bunch call Danielle a nut job, yet they are the ones WHO ATTACK HER CONSTANTLY. Danielle is the only sane one in the bunch.