Cheryl Cole Comes Down with Malaria

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Even unparalleled beauty is no match for malaria.

Soon after a trip to Tanzania last week with boyfriend Derek Hough, Cheryl Cole came down with a case of this dangerous disease. Friends told The Daily Mail that The X Factor judge was rushed to the hospital after a bout of "sweating and shaking" at home.

Cole will remain in the hospital for a few days and will need many weeks to recover from the ailment. Said a source:

"Cheryl hadn't been feeling herself for about a week. She was feeling tired and listless... During Sunday afternoon, Cheryl went downhill quickly. She was sweating and shaking and in a bad way."


Get better soon, Cheryl! Send in your best wishes to this malaria-stricken sex symbol today!

A spokesman says a mosquito likely bit his client and added: "Following doctors' advice, Cheryl Cole will be canceling all work commitments for the next week."

In related news, we've never been so jealous of a mosquito in all our lives.


Cheryl I would love to be your husband I would take well care of you and never let go of you. There's no other women in this world I love but you your just someone special. Scotland is a beautiful place and I would love to have you here with me. I wouldn't treat you like Ashley did to you he was just a geark I would treat you with respect and love you to pieces and treat you to dinner and anything that you wounded I would give you it. Am a very brave man and know my stuff and anything you want to know I will tell you. Love you sweetheart forever Christopher McMillan xxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Cheryl I have sent you a get well card to you it will make you fell a lot better and keep you smiling. Don't worrier you'll be fine and be back to normal again soon just take things easy have been through these things in the past and have recovered. Look after your dogs and your mum and keep in touch with everyone on how your doing. Love you more than everything best wishes Christopher McMillan.


Malaria is a very series disease Cheryl but don't worrier It can happen to anybody even me. I no you have gone through a very tough time for a while but your'll get over it I go through alot of tough times too it comes too us all and we get over it. Hope I have made you fell happy again its nice of a Scotsman to think of you. Am your number 1 fan in the world your the bess ness.xxxxxxxxxxx


Get well soon Cheryl I have been so worried about you. Just take it easy and your'll be thin you will get back to normal soon. Its not like this to happen to you people and even me take ill sometimes when we have a bug and then it goes away. Stay at home and relax for away and recharge the batteries and look after your dogs and your mum. Derek and Simon have been very worried about you and of course you will miss the X Factor additions in Manchester this weekend but you will be back soon felling much better and healthy and the smile's back on your face. Scotland and I send our best wishes too you Take care Cheryl love you from Christopher McMillan.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


get well soon cheryl plenty of rest you shall be better soon please get well soon please sorry to hear you unwell will miss the episodes of the x factor when ur not on it due to this illness.


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