Lawyers to Tiger Woods: No Dating Allowed!

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At this point, it's looking like a matter of when, not if Tiger Woods gets divorced from wife Elin. But until that happens, his handlers want him under lock and key.

According to reports, the golfer's legal team told him he won't be able to date until the split is completely finalized. The reason? Well, it's kind of obvious, right?

Says a source close to the situation:

"Elin's building a character case [based on serial philandering]. Elin's team is watching Tiger's every move. She wants more money than Michael Jordan's ex got."

Jordan's ex-wife reportedly received $168 million. Elin is said to want $750 million (!) which may be a stretch, but even if she gets a quarter of that ... wow.

Tiger's reaction to being barred from dating was likely similar.

She certainly has enough material on Tiger to make a compelling case as it is. If he were caught mauling Joslyn James or that Elin Woods look-alike, though? Wow.

As for custody of the couple's two small children?

"They'll share it, but she wants the ability to take them to Sweden whenever she wants," says the insider. Tiger wants the right to object in court - here or abroad.

Things are already getting ugly, too. His other main hangup? He wants this confidential - now and 'til the end of time. As in no interviews or books by Elin. Ever.

She's balking at that so far. Stay tuned ...


Tiger is not a good guy. He does not sign autographs, does not do interviews after a bad round and thinks he's above it all.
Not that I care where he sticks his thing, but he has represented himself as one thing to his wife, fans, the press and his sponsors and is something totally different. Pro golfers are kind of like "products" as they are not on a team, are independent contractors and all they have are their reputation. Tigers reputation is done forever. He can't take it all back and he's still a spoiled brat with a lousy attitude. He is bad for golf and I truly wish he'd find something else to do with his time. If Mr. Tim Finchem had any balls, he'd tell Tiger to take some serious time off....maybe a few years.


I can't believe you people blaming Elin for his actions did she hold a gun to his head and force him to be a lying cheating dog?
and those who say she is a whore who paraded herself at the golf games does that mean any girl who meets her future husband at a college football game(example) is a whore too for parading herself around at a sport event? how ridiculous! shame on you! women can and do enjoy sports and are allowed to go watch them that does not make them a whore.
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Isn't it IRONIC? When Tiger was married his enablers hired over a hundred whores and prostitutes for him and hid it from the world. Now that he's getting divorced they are telling him to stay away from the women; it will ruin his reputation. Does anyone see anything wrong with this scenario? And who would actually believe that the enablers are not still acquiring whores for him and still hiding it? That warning is just PR. Are we supposed to be stupid?


It always gets down to money and she thinks she should get much more than she actually deserves. What did she do to earn the money? What did she do to help his golf game? Money hungry; nothing more. Probably that was always her only interest.


Does the immature, narcissistic moron think he's funny with that rod in the picture? He'll always be a stupid narcissistic adolescent --- never a man --- a REAL man. Elin is much better off without him, and she should have the right to speak up about her life with him any time she wants to in the future. Who does the ugly schmuck think he is? A 3rd world dictator?


Thats good Elin...Fight for your right and let that sexmaniac have his own life....


He's not sorry what he did. Sorry for getting caught. And this latest article is another proof.
He doesn't have the decency to get the divorce finalized before jumping into bed with another bimbo. He's an immature spoiled brat who doesn't care about nobody else but himself.
Please spare me your comments about being a dad. All the time he spent with his harem of whores and porn stars was time stollen with the children. He knew what he was doing. He didn't care about the consequences of his nasty actions could have on his two tinny kids.
Imagine the legacy they will have to endure forever now ????
Note to Tameka : no money in the world could erase this kind of humiliation, betrayal, pain and suffer his family will go through for a long time.


Deb, what is carbal tunnel? Do you mean carpal tunnelsyndrome?


If Tiger is not wise enough to be legally single, and have all the matters pertaining to his children firmly established and in place before he publicly returns to having a new private life then Tiger has done nothing to right his moral life for the better and will not be the best co parent to his present children and any future children he hopes to have! Tiger don't you have a clue on how to live your life with less stress with out jumping into casual sex relationships? Tiger do you teach your kids how to swim? Are you spending time with your Mom who is aging? Don't you need to read a book or take some online classes in something? Are you going to personal therapy?


This is sad because there are no winners. Elin should take as much as she possibly can and Tiger needs his butt kicked. She should be able to take the kids to Sweden when ever she wants. He can definitely afford to go to Sweden any time he feels like it. So Sweden isn't a big deal.

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