Hector Penate: I Had Sex with Shawn Southwick ... In Larry King's Bed ... Many Times!

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Hector Penate admits he totally had an affair Shawn Southwick in the home of her husband Larry King - so often, he says, he felt like it was his own house.

Moreover, the actor and baseball coach says he nailed Larry King's wife right before her divorce filing last week and says she mused about Larry's demise.

In an interview airing tonight on ET, he leaves little doubt over whether he slept with Shawn Southwick, responding to the question with: "Yes I did."

Hector Penate, 31, said Shawn, 50, often spoke to him of her desire to divorce Larry, 76, and wistfully told him, "'Don't worry, he's gonna die soon.'"

That sound you hear is of it being ON at his lawyer's office.

Hector Penate says he first bedded Shawn Southwick-King in 2007.

"We got back in the car and we kind of locked eyes and just started kissing," Penate recalls of the first time he passionately bedded Shawn Southwick.

King and Southwick filed divorce papers minutes apart last week after a fight over Shawn's claim King is having an affair with Shannon Engemann.

That would be her younger sister.

Southwick has denied having an affair with Penate, but he says they so had one, and not only that, it was motivated by King's affair with Engemann.

This is really twisted stuff... and the fact that involves Larry King is hilarious. "I really think she had the affair [with me] because of him," he said.

Not that the young hunk minded ... or it was a one-shot deal by any means.

"We had sex in Larry's bed a lot," he said. "I felt like it was my house."

Larry and Shawn Southwick-King had an interesting marriage.


Hector is sooo Hottttt!!!!


If Larry King thinks a beautiful, sexy woman 25 years younger than
he is, is marrying him for HIM, he is deluded! As are so many older
geeky looking men who marry pretty younger women. It's not that that
is the right thing for these women to do, marry him for his big bucks, but that is the way it is guys! Sorry!


haha Hector hit on me like 2 years ago and we had a fling. He really is a perv, seriously.


If women can kiss & tell on tiger woods & steven seagal case why not on the case of southwick??? commo'n women wants equality so Penate wants to exposed not only men get sexually addicted but women as well.lol


I guess it is the new trend in Hollywood now, to tell all about your private endeavors. What is wrong with our country? The end of the world must be coming(LOL) because morals and respect for others have gone out the window. There are too many people with shallow holes where their hearts should be.


Ahhh, too bad, Hector, you are so hot....but squealing is not.


I've seen and heard of tell-it-all women, but a can't wait to tell everything gigolo who is ruining his chances with other women is just (about)as worst. If he was carrying on with Larry's wife and it ended,it ended. There is No obligation to inform all of us that Larry's wife and he were an (undisclosed)item. After Shawn's boy toy talk-a-thon,I can easily believe that Larry is looking better to her right now.With the reality of No prenup,I am quite sure that his wife ain't looking so bad either.


lol...i guess he is the male bombshell mcgee, lol....or really wants to be...

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