Justin Rego, Girlfriend Exposed on The Bachelorette

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Looks like Justin Rego better get ready to go.

Last night's installment of The Bachelorette concluded with a preview for next week's episode that left millions of fans wondering who has a girlfriend back home.

We've known the answer for weeks now, and were going to keep the identity secret, but ABC has now confirmed it in an official press release, so here goes:

Justin "Rated R" Rego has been two-timing Ali and is there for the wrong reasons. We know ... we could probably knock you over with a feather right now.

Rumors have circulated for some time that at least one woman was, or is dating Justin Rego in Canada, and that he went on the show for publicity only.

Here's how it goes down, according to ABC:

Ali Fedotowsky and Justin Rego

RATED 'R' FOR REVEALED: Ali's been getting played ... but the truth awaits.

One of the women who became friendly with Ali Fedotowsky on The Bachelor season starring Jake Pavelka calls, bringing to light the truth about Justin.

Heart racing, Ali actually talks to Justin's sobbing girlfriend on the phone, hearing the truth about a man who told her how much he respected women.

Offended and armed with this volatile information, Ali takes matters into her own hands and has one of the most dramatic confrontations of the season.

The other men can only watch in fascination as the fireworks explode right in front of them. Will Rated R be sent packing when all is said and done?

One can only assume so. How can she not?

We'll leave it at that regarding Rated R for now, but for the latest on Ali's controversial final choice this season ... check out The Bachelorette spoilers.


I watched the show myself last night & was supremely impressed with how Ali told that love rat Justin Rego off in front of all the other guys. It was the best! Scripted or not, the Bachelorette producers know how to go for the jugular! It was so intensely action-packed, I had to have a drink to calm myself down. I loved how Rated R took off running, well, limping-from Ali and was walking all over the rocks and grass-trying to beat a hasty retreat. It was pathetically-good reality TV!


Even IF ABC hired him...such a loser to promote his career as a pretty boy and do it for money he couldn't make in a real job LOSER! LMAO!


OMG!! I cant beileve Justin rego would do that??! I am a big fan of justin beacause he is good looking and beacause all the other men picked on him! But now i think he is just an ASS! He is cheating on Ali and Ali does not deserve that! Justin is not here for the right reasons but and he does not care about Ali. I hope he goes home!


This guy was hired by ABC. He got so much airtime even though there wasn't any romance with Ali.
They chatted a few times but acted like co workers instead of people trying to date.
Half the time it seemed like the Justin show.
Some of the others guys were never shown and you didn't even know who they were when they left.
I wouldn't take this info too seriously, since the show is scripted and this whole Jason saga is fake.


Ali doesn't care. She'd allow the girlfriend perhaps or something. She doesn't care. Something else is in the works. Maybe she's waiting for Jake---maybe it's already in the works and
has been. Watch her face. She doesn't care. She's NOT looking.
But ............ if Jake and her get together, they are two cons
that live by dishonest means. Something about Ali does not ring true. I don't buy her little goody girl act. She was a trouble maker when Vienna was on. Remember?


looks like his 15 minutes are up


im trying to understand how the bachelorette would boost his career?
what, are wrestling scouts(?) watching the show,
looking for new stars????
fuck you justin rego.
i felt so sorry for him when everyone was picking on him
(i cried when you cried!)
but guess what- you are really a fucking jackass.


Ali could care less about any of them, Jake will return at the very last minute. Bet ya!


i cant believe justin is two timing ali she is a great women who came on the show to find love and justin for some reason doesnt care about ali just himself and i have a warning to all women if u think justin is nice watch the show and see how he really is i say justin is all wrong and completly messed up JUSTIN needs to learn how to respect women and not be a player because women are not a game love is not a game if ali if you read this remember that you are a strong women who can do anything and your an amazing person i hope who ever who end up with is true to you because the truth is what you deserve


why u go on the show u have girlfriends long right... that soo ucall for and soo stuipd for Ali :( i am soo sorry Ali that happend to u :(

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