The Bachelorette Recap: Who Has a Girlfriend?

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The Bachelorette certainly had its moments last night, including steamy hot springs action and a 2-on-1 date in which the two most out-there suitors squared off.

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    I can't believe they picked Ali for this show she is a somewhat of a dimwhit. She is realy a plain Jane take away the bleached blonde hair and those guys wouldn't even look at her. Her fake laugh is just so irritating! And every second word out her mouth is Amazing!


    i really think that Chris.L. should win//...


    I honestly have no idea why Ali was chosen to be the bachelorette. She is clearly just fame hungry, yet she's not very intelligent and she's really a plain Jane... I mean, if she lost the blonde hair, the guys wouldn't look twice at her. She's got all of these cute guys falling over each other for her and she really doesn't have much to offer them other than a paid gig on Dancing With the Stars and paparazzi. Ugh. It just goes to show that men want what they have to compete for. After all, if they ran into Ali at a bar (prior to her insta-fame), they probably wouldn't have much competition and therefore, wouldn't be so "into" her.


    When I first heard Casey on that 1st night, I thought he was deaf. (because of his voice). I kept waiting for them to say something about him being deaf.... but... oh well. As time went on, I realized he just has the most annoying voice. I can't stand to hear him! Plus that, he is so CHEESY! If I hear, "Guard your heart" one more time.... I'm going to vomit! And what really made me mad is that he is SOOOO ignorant to the fact that he is so annoying. He actually thinks he is "cool"! I'm rooting for Roberto who lives in my home state, but at the same time, Hey, Roberto, you can do much better!!! Ali is so fake! Jake should have picked her, but maybe now that Jake and Vienna are split, he will come after Ali. They deserve each other.


    i don't belive for a second that ali ever wanted to 'keep' the wrestler....i am absolutely sure the show 'made her do it' is clearly an 'actress' and loves every minute of the show...too bad she is a phony and boring as all hell...the show unfortunately is starting to become a 'commercial' york...etc....which takes away from the interest in the characters...and...did they leave kasey alone on the iceberg 'hoping he will just jump?'zzzzzzzzzzzz.....


    What is the deal with Casey's voice? I could hardly stand to listen to him. It sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles


    Rated R is totally the man. The expression on his face the whole night and the wrestling analogies are amazing. Sure, he may have a girlfriend or two back home, but he livens things up.


    nobody is watching this show...ali is a bitch & all her "suitors" are tools....who cares


    Clearly I don't know her as a real-life flesh-and-blood person, but on TV Ali comes off as a vapid waste of space with literally nothing original or intelligent to say. "I think you're so great" and that ridiculous fake laugh... I can not STAND her. Are men seriously falling head over heels in love with her?


    chris l. is ok but roberto should win!!

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