The Bachelorette Recap: Who Has a Girlfriend?

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The Bachelorette certainly had its moments last night, including steamy hot springs action and a 2-on-1 date in which the two most out-there suitors squared off.

But it was the preview for next week that really got fans talking after an episode that was more or less tame. Who has a girlfriend? Is this promo just a gimmick?

We know the answer to both. You'll have to see The Bachelorette spoilers for who it is, and surprisingly, it's not just editing or character assassination by ABC.

This legitimately fell in the producers' laps, catching Ali Fedotowsky completely off guard and explaining her irate reaction as depicted in next week's promo.

Anyway, on to Monday night, and Kasey's krushing farewell. Who's emerging as the favorite(s)? THG breaks down all the action below in its plus-minus index ...

Gorgeous Bachelorette

AWESOME ALI: The guys are falling harder and harder. 

Competing for a date, the guys write poems that incorporate Icelandic. Plus 4 for effort, and in hopes that someone will get Kasey into speech therapy after this.

Turns out Kirk, whose poem was picked, is harboring a deep, dark secret ... he once contracted mold poisoning. Time to make it a one-hour show, ABC. Minus 11.

Kirk gets the rose, though, after this clincher: "As long as you know where I'm coming from, I think you'll know where I'm going." Mold poisoning. Plus 3.

Upon learning he'll be squaring off with Kasey, who's distraught, Justin Rego drops at least 10 wrestling analogies, and wears a sly grin constantly. Plus 8.

Kasey says "guard and protect her heart" about half a dozen times. Minus 5, as we expected more from our new drinking game, but he mostly just whined.

Leading up to the 2-on-1, Frank tries to antagonize/pump up Kasey, while Rated R has his cast removed and puts his crutches in a public trash can. Plus 10.

First, the group date. Caving, mini-horseback riding, lagoon flirting, etc. There were some funny moments but it was too drawn out and little happened. Minus 8.


PINNED: Rated R talks a good game, but backed it up as Kasey was kast off.

Plus 5 for the obligatory Ali Fedotowsky bikini shot, though, and Plus 2 more for glimpses of favorites Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton shirtless for the ladies.

Hot springs + champagne = Ali Fedotowsky hammered! Plus 7, because this might be a little boring for TV, but we're so jealous. Plus 6 more for Iceland. It rules.

The 2-on-1 date begins with a helicopter ride over a volcano. Was this the volcano that blanketed Europe? Unclear, but Plus 5 for not exposing Kirk to ash poisoning.

Maybe it's because he's Canadian and at home in the cold, or that he knows Kasey is desperate and will implode, but there is a coolness about Rated R this week. Plus 3.

Clearly creeped out by the tattoo, Ali puts on a good front, gives Kasey a generic breakup speech and seemingly leaves him on an Icelandic glacier to die. Plus 19.

The more we watch, the more we think Chris Lambton should win. He seems so genuine and cool. But who does Ali choose? Minus 3 ... because we fear the worst.

Let's also talk about Frank for a second. He's emerging as a dark horse candidate, but there's just something about him we don't entirely trust yet ... so, Wash.

In a last ditch effort to salvage a rose, Chris N. says a little known fact about him is that he's "funny" and that his guilty pleasure is "Mexican food." LOL. Minus 10.

TOTAL: +15. SEASON: +101.

Roses: Justin, Kirk and Ty (earlier); Frank, Chris L., Roberto and Craig R.

Out: Kasey (earlier) and Chris N. Who? Yeah ... we don't know either.


I can't believe they picked Ali for this show she is a somewhat of a dimwhit. She is realy a plain Jane take away the bleached blonde hair and those guys wouldn't even look at her. Her fake laugh is just so irritating! And every second word out her mouth is Amazing!


i really think that Chris.L. should win//...


I honestly have no idea why Ali was chosen to be the bachelorette. She is clearly just fame hungry, yet she's not very intelligent and she's really a plain Jane... I mean, if she lost the blonde hair, the guys wouldn't look twice at her. She's got all of these cute guys falling over each other for her and she really doesn't have much to offer them other than a paid gig on Dancing With the Stars and paparazzi. Ugh. It just goes to show that men want what they have to compete for. After all, if they ran into Ali at a bar (prior to her insta-fame), they probably wouldn't have much competition and therefore, wouldn't be so "into" her.


When I first heard Casey on that 1st night, I thought he was deaf. (because of his voice). I kept waiting for them to say something about him being deaf.... but... oh well. As time went on, I realized he just has the most annoying voice. I can't stand to hear him! Plus that, he is so CHEESY! If I hear, "Guard your heart" one more time.... I'm going to vomit! And what really made me mad is that he is SOOOO ignorant to the fact that he is so annoying. He actually thinks he is "cool"! I'm rooting for Roberto who lives in my home state, but at the same time, Hey, Roberto, you can do much better!!! Ali is so fake! Jake should have picked her, but maybe now that Jake and Vienna are split, he will come after Ali. They deserve each other.


i don't belive for a second that ali ever wanted to 'keep' the wrestler....i am absolutely sure the show 'made her do it' is clearly an 'actress' and loves every minute of the show...too bad she is a phony and boring as all hell...the show unfortunately is starting to become a 'commercial' york...etc....which takes away from the interest in the characters...and...did they leave kasey alone on the iceberg 'hoping he will just jump?'zzzzzzzzzzzz.....


What is the deal with Casey's voice? I could hardly stand to listen to him. It sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles


Rated R is totally the man. The expression on his face the whole night and the wrestling analogies are amazing. Sure, he may have a girlfriend or two back home, but he livens things up.


nobody is watching this show...ali is a bitch & all her "suitors" are tools....who cares


Clearly I don't know her as a real-life flesh-and-blood person, but on TV Ali comes off as a vapid waste of space with literally nothing original or intelligent to say. "I think you're so great" and that ridiculous fake laugh... I can not STAND her. Are men seriously falling head over heels in love with her?


chris l. is ok but roberto should win!!

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