Chris Brown Gives Back, Tweets Photos

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Chris Brown may have been denied entry by the U.K. because of last year's Rihanna incident, but he managed to put his extra time here in the U.S. to good use.

The singer has been busy rebuilding his image.

If he's trying to prove he's actually a good guy, this helps. Here's him handing $25,000 checks to the American Red Cross and the Central Virginia Food Bank:

Chris Brown made a pair of generous donations in the past week alone.

Brown Tweeted these photos personally, and some might say that he only gave to charity so he could publicize it and repair his image, but that's not entirely fair.

We'll use our own, frequent Angelina Jolie defense: No matter what his personal motivations for humanitarianism are, his money and time still goes a long way.

So, let us be the first to say: Good job Chris!

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Well done Chris, u dd a great job. I am ur true real fan n supporting u all the wait. Lv u!


Chris Brown is a sweet, full hearted sexy talented man! what more can you ask for!! all of his true fans love him and always will


It makes me wonder why he was never in such a public charity spree before the Rihanna incident. Well, who cares. His money is better spent on people who need it (if it even is his money, since the record companies practically give these artists their donation money as a form of paying for public imaging).


chris brown is a wonderful person,both inside and outside....we love you God bless you


finally he's coming back around


CB has a beautfl heart me n alots of His fans r so proud about wht he did :) Keep Do the good work .. god bless you . i love you Chris Brown


chris has a soft heart.why cant people look at his good sides he is more than the word wondeful itself


Only God has the right to judge him. May god bless you Chris for all your endevours.


I agree with Samantha. In addition, there is such hypocrisy around the world. The UK allows known murders and child molesters in and out every day. I wish people would care as much for the protection of children (the next generation of adults) as we do for the protection of adult consequences from bad decisions (Rehana and Chris Brown). Something’s terribly wrong with humanity, just sick and ugly. We have it all wrong. I also agree with NunaReezy; the purpose of the money is to go for good use, no matter what the motive..


Get over yaselves Chris is doing the right thing, let the boy Breathe.... how many would donate that type of money??? stop being negetive and embrece that a guy is changing some1s life. I stand for Chris gOOD JOB LOVE

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