Andrew Koppel, Son of Veteran Broadcaster, Found Dead

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Tragedy has struck the family of veteran journalist Ted Koppel.

The broadcaster's 40-year old son, Andrew Koppel, was found dead early this morning in New York City.

An attorney for the city Housing Authority, Andrew was discovered in a Washington Heights apartment, where he was brought earlier in the evening by Russell Wimberly, a waiter he had met at a Hell's Kitchen bar on Monday afternoon.

Koppel "was just really messed up when he came in. He was very drunk," Belinda Caban, a resident of the apartment building, told The New York Post.

Caban said she and Wimberly called 911 after they found Andrew Koppel had urinated and defecated in the bed he passed out in. Medical personal announced him dead at the scene.

According to Wimberly, Andrew started his drinking binge around noon at Smith's Bar & Restaurant at 44th Street and Ninth Avenue. That's where the pair met, drinking whiskey and making small talk before moving from bar-to-bar.

"There was a lot of alcohol. He didn't take anything else [drugs] around me, and neither of us ate all day," Wimberly told the newspaper. "We talked about our kids... He said he had a kid and loved [her] a lot."

Andrew lived with his girlfriend and their daughter.

He was the third youngest of Ted Koppel's four children with wife Grace Anne. The Nightline host is yet to comment on the incident and our thoughts go out to his family.


My prayers are with their family...what a terrible tragedy


@GaydarPing- You need to grow up. What difference does it make if he was going home with a male waiter. This has nothing to do with a "gay hookup gone awry", all to do with alcohol poisoning. Maybe if you should get in touch with your sexual orientation before making nasty comments about someone who's passed away.


@Ping: nope, you are not the only one.


To:The Koppel Family, During this time of sadness, may the spirit of peace comfort your heart knowing that others are thinking of you and family.


I agree with the poster below, what's with all the celeb dying these days?! It's sad how it happened... you would think a 40 year old man knows better. None-less, RIP Andrew.




Thank God alcohol is still legal and cannabis is a class 1 narcotic.


what an idiot, a grown man acting like a stupid collage student,


Am I the only person thats wondering why a 40 year old man, whos not married with a kid thats not really ever mentioned was picking up a male waiter at a bar and going home with him???? Gay hookup gone awry?

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