Amy Locane Charged with Vehicular Homicide

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Amy Locane is in serious trouble with the law.

The actress, who appeared on the original Melrose Place and played a small role in the 2002 movie Secretary, crashed into the side of another car in Montgomery, New Jersey on Sunday night, killing the woman in the passenger's seat of that vehicle.

The second driver involved was taken to a nearby hospital, while Locane was arrested on the spot for DUI. The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports the actress admitted to drinking several glasses of wine prior to the accident.

Amy Locane Mug Shot

Incredibly, Locane rear-ended another car before getting into this major crash. She fled that scene, but was followed by a driver who phoned police and said Locane was "swerving and knocking down several mailboxes."

A mother of two, Locane has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and third-degree assault by auto. She could face 10 years in prison if convicted.

UPDATE: In December, the actress was indicted in New Jersey on charges of aggravated manslaughter.


Who remembers "Carried Away" with Dennis Hopper and others, plus Amy? A complete knock-out fantasy! I hope she gets a light sentence and returns to her family. We ALL make mistakes, and nothing good is served if, once a lesson is learned, we aren't given the oppertunity for repentenance.


v rossii byveat takeo daje pri pokupke biletov prosiat inogda. tak kak u nih kakie to tam izderjki i shtrafy esli vas departiruyt obratno bez vizy


I loved Amy Locane on Melrose Place as Sandy.... THANKS FOR THE STORY...I JUST FOUND THIS months later.. This guy on the thread is a goof, obviously he cares aboutthe story enough to post three times and with a different screen name for one of them! Poor Amy though, very stupid on her part so it is deserved but she was pretty hot and shud have had a longer run on the show.


HEY !! she's a Hollywood God, she can drive drunk, run people over if she wants to. Maker Her drive a 4 door sedan, speak at a few High schools about drinking and driving than leave her alone. Damn people she is from that little box You watch all day from your couch cut her some slack she only wanted to have some fun.


@Hellll-oo: Pardon me if I don't get offended by the words of someone so pathetic that he actually used a different screen name in this case to pretend as though someone else out there shares his point of view.
Feel free to not believe how much I make off this site, I couldn't care less - but believe this: we can see your IP address. We're aware you're "for_real_tho." Granted, I'd be embarrassed to be you, too, but be a man. Own up to your own words.


hilton hater is a dreamer, a big "time" bullshit filled dreamer


@for_real_tho: You call it my "time." I call it the "job" I am paid six figures for.


lol...just as you have time to post on your own post, lolol...abotu a nobody, i guess you were curious why the hits were about another plug on Glambert or hit at Miley, that always drives up the


@for_real_tho: Good point. You seem to have lots of time available to read local papers, too, seeing as you enjoy commenting on things you don't even like.


Who??? Huh??? lame story about a nobody....we can get that from the local paper....

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