Ali Fedotowsky: Still Single After The Bachelorette?

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Is The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky still single? As in after the show?

On Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, she was asked about the latest rumor going around - that she doesn't choose anyone on the hit ABC show.

"Maybe," the 25-year-old reality star replied, then added this:

"If I happen to find love on the show, would I pick someone in the end? Yes. But if I did not find love on the show, there's absolutely no way that I would pick someone for the sake of picking. I went in with that mindset and it didn't change the entire time."

Not the generic "I'm madly in love and engaged" line, is it?

Adorable Ali Fedotowsky

Is Ali Fedotowsky still on the market?

The former Facebook advertising account executive, who quit The Bachelor to save her job, vowed she won't make the same mistakes she made with Jake Pavelka.

"Not that I think leaving Jake was the wrong choice... but I think putting a job over love is not really the right choice," A-Fed reflected on her decision last season.

"Honestly, when I think back to it, if I really, truly thought I could end up with Jake and we were meant for each other and we were probably going to get married, I probably would have given up my job at Facebook."

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Currently unemployed, Fedotowsky said she is keeping her career options open. The Bachelorette spoilers compiled so far indicate the final two guys this season, but no definitive winner, fueling speculation that no one wins. Hmm ...


i think that she was in love with Frank and she kept the other two for the show. She was quick in falling in love with him without getting to know him that well. I guess it is taff luck.


Ali huh i dont know but this is getting quite silly. they seemed so serious and firm on the bachelor suddenly when thy are in charge it jus gets in their head and do crazy and stupid things. Ali put her faith and trust in one man and to me as a viewer she forced Frank to feel the same way she was feeling and if you watch the last episode before he left she kinda gave him a hint that she would actually pick in the final ceremony but obviously he was too slow to pick up. her fault anyway no matter how this ends up


She quit the Bachelor to save her job, is currently unemployed? Former advertising executive taking the highroad with a facebook page national media exposure? Thats all.

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