Adult Convention to Bring Together Tiger Woods, Jesse James and David Boreanaz Mistresses

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If there's anything worse than being outed for X-rated dalliances with porn stars and other assorted sleazy women, it's them going on tour to remind everyone of it.

Is this a great country or what?

Bad Teacher

Yes, three of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, one of Jesse James' cheating partners and women tied to David Boreanaz and even Reggie Bush are coming together.

No pun intended.

Stars like Joslyn James, Holly Sampson and Devon James (Tiger) are teaming up to tour the U.S. and remind everyone of his lowest moments. With reinforcements.

Remember Devon James? No? She's Tiger mistress #1,145! Come on!

Melissa Smith (Jesse), January Gessert (Reggie) and Demi Delia (Boreanaz, apparently) and others will appear at the "eXXXtacy 2010" convention in Chicago in July.

The roving band of porn stars is planning to blow into other cities as well, reports Joslyn's manager Gina Rodriguez, herself an alleged mistress of David Boreanaz.

Man that guy got around. So underrated.

Rodriguez tells us she's booked the cheaters circus for the next few months, not unlike Joslyn's traveling strip show, although she wouldn't reveal specific dates.

Please, tell us Orlando is on the list.


OMG...GIMME A BREAK ALREADY!!!!! How TRIPLE SSS (as in SELF-CENTERED, SHALLOW AND STUPID) can BOTH Jesse James and Tiger Woods be????? And, David, dude...WHY did you allow yourself to be mixed up with those 2 cheating chumps? We all know that the so-called Adult Convention was nothing more than a sleazy SEX-FEST so that Jesse The Jackass and Tiger The Tacky could WHORE IT UP with their stanky, skanky and money-hungry mistresses, who are NO BETTER!!! The 2 that'll ALWAYS have my respect are Elin and Sandra...who acted like CHAMPS when they were married to those 2 SORRY-ASS CHUMPS!!!!! Look, I'm no prude but that Adult Convention was just too ridiculous...PERIOD!!! The Hollywood always...EXCELLENT REPORTING!!! HOLLA!!!


your all a bunch of haters, you wish anyone would wanna f___ you for free!!


This is sickening to the stomach


And of course you are going to do all you can to promote this for all the degenerate/sleazy whores who are going for their next 15 minutes of fame. Why do all the websites keep giving them free publicity? As to the "cute" remarks about Tiger, crawl back under your rock with the rest of the slugs.


Why does David Boreanaz need to be lumped with these men when he was truthful to his wife? He actually told his wife what happened and he didn't blame being a 'sex addict', he blamed HIMSELF. So don't lump David Boreanaz with Jesse James or Tiger Woods because even though he cheated he's still better then those two.


GAG ME!! Can't be surprised but makes me want to hurl!! They only have one talent and have to milk that for all it worth while they still can. What a dunch of WHORES!! They give women a bad name and it makes me sick! I wish someone would blow that convention up!!


One thing you can say about hoes, they are innovative. Not bothered with conscience or regret, they thrust forward to milk the profits.


Why do I feel like I need a shot of antibiotics after reading that?

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