Abby Sunderland: Alive and Well!

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Abby Sunderland is okay.

The 16-year old sailor lost a satellite phone call with her parents yesterday morning, an hour before she set of a distress signal and was feared lost in the Indian Ocean.

But a search plane launched from Australia made radio contact with Sunderland almost 24 hours later, as it was discovered her boat was continually knocked down by huge waves, causing its mast to break and a sail to drag in the water.

Said search coordinator Mick Kinley, acting chief of the Australia Maritime Safety Authority:

"The aircraft (crew) spoke to her. They told her help was on the way and she sounds like she's in good health. She's going to hang in there until a vessel can get to her."

Sunderland had been attempting to become the youngest person to navigate the globe solo, though some critics believe she departed for her trip during a dangerous time of the year.

Abby told the rescue crew, via radio, that she was doing fine, using a space heater to keep warm, and possessed at least two weeks' worth of food.

The French regional administration on the island of Reunion said it had sent a trio boats in her direction and should be able to reach her some time tomorrow. Thank goodness.


Thanks to all involved in Abby's rescue!! Abby got a *chance to explore the world on her own,and it is a wonderful gift knowing that she is alive and well, with more adventures to look forward to. God Bless!!


@THG: We definitely agree Here! You said;"Thank goodness" after saying she's found and safe. I say; "I couldn't agree more." THG,you guys and I will NEVER agree on Miley(I still know she's awesome),but at least we can agree that people like Abby who are in trouble need to be found and found safe. Good job here,guys. Good freakin' job...@Abby(and her now relieved folks) SO GLAD YOU WERE FOUND AND THAT YOU'RE OKAY! SCORE ONE FOR AUSTRALIA! WAY TO GO GUY'S!!(What can I tell you? I really LOVE Happy Endings!! Ha,ha!) later;Hollywood---out.