Was Miley Cyrus Censored on Dancing with the Stars?

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The cage was out. The feathers were in full effect. And Miley Cyrus pretty much replicated her "Can't Be Tamed" music video on Dancing with the Stars last night.

But did the singer go too far?

Totally Tameless

Around the one-minute mark below, a female back-up dancer sidles up next to Miley, is dipped by the singer - and then the camera cuts away suddenly just as Cyrus leans her face down toward this female companion's neck/cleavage.

Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC, which is the same network that barred Adam Lambert from the air for awhile after his raunchy AMA performance. Might Miley now be in trouble with the network, and any of her conservative fans?

Judge for yourself:

She Can't Be Tamed
All Feathered
Miley On DWTS
The New Miley Cyrus
Like a Bird

I do laugh alot actually! :D Hope to speak to you later.


@Ellen: Thank You...It's fun talking to you. I notice you laugh a lot in your comments. I like that,too...So check this out; 'A little laughter goes a Long Way...A Lot of Laughter will change your Whole Day'(In the words of Al Pachino in Scent of a Woman: "How's that for Corn-ball?")Ha,ha! Have a Blessed day... Later;Hollywood...


Good response. :D haha.


@ Hollywood.
haha that was a joy reading your post, it was very long, but that is fine :]
Well you did answer my questions, and I have to admit I do admire how you do stand up for her. I just think its horrid the names people call her - like "slut". These people probably have no intelligence and just call her this because they must be sooo unstable that they have to make someone elses image as ruined as they feel.
I can see how Miley may have appeared to become more "skanky" by her starting to lose some of her pop princess image and trying to become a "rock angel", but it does not make her bad, it just means she is growing up.
Your question is a good one :D I come onto THG because I can be up-to-date with whats happening in hollywood, also to see whats new with miley cyrus. ;] I am loveee seeing what she is up to because it just gives me more reason to defend her. haha.
I look forward to hearing from you :D


@ Hollywood. Sorry if that all sounded rude and all, its just you are -always- defending her. I am kinda on your side but the haters will not stop. I am not a hater. I realllyyyy like miley cyrus, yet I know there is always going to be haters. With everyy celebrity there are haters.
I get what you are trying to do, but may I ask respectively: why do you do it?
I dont mean that rudely, its just you are never going to change the haters mind because they are set.
Heres an idea: launch your OWN website to get supporters of Miley. You are always bagging out the hollywood gossip, but it is their site.


Emma-Jane, she was not trying to do the dance moves. Even lip-synching she is a wooden performer. I've seen better dancing at Karaoke Night!


Hey Hollywood, double up on the Prozac & get over yourself. Seriously, chill.
S, you don't think kids in America drink at 13? And it is NOT legal in any country in Europe. I've traveled there extensively.
And for my take on the situation:
The words to American Pie need to be rewritten because after watching that video, I realize that the music really has died.
So insert that into your blunt & inhale deeply. Don't choke.


wow.....that is a really great performance from miley......great choreography.....great singing.....great dancing.....great costumes......everything was great..... i agree with @bella that that THG made one of the the stupidest accusation ever..... seriously, wat is wrong with u guys?????......there is no truth at all in ur accusation.....anyone seeing the vid will understand that..... @hollywood, great comment......and i also had the same experience once.....THG had deleted my comment one time....i didnt realise it at that time.....i thought there was something wrong with my computer or my internet connection.......since it has happened to u too, i now believe that THG did delete it......so that means that THG is really PATHETIC.......


wats the big deal again??


i think she was tryig to compete with adam lambert, lady gaga and christina aguillera but she can't sing and doesn't have the appeal.
horsey mouth??


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