Alcohol Ed. Coordinator: Lindsay Lohan Rules!

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan is in compliance with her alcohol education course ... at least according to a letter sent by program officials to the judge in her DUI case.

According to the letter sent by Right On Programs, Lindsay "attends regularly and consistently" and "is positive and receptive to ideas regarding lifestyle changes."

The program wrote the letter, despite the fact that Lindsay has only attended 10 of the required 13 classes, with the deadline of May 20 (tomorrow) looming.

Nor does the program make any mention of the "lifestyle choices" Lindsay has made in the last few months ... falling into cacti, throwing drinks and whatnot.

According to the letter, "She has never come [to class] under the influence." OMG wow, congratulations! You're not supposed to show up to alcohol ed drunk!


The letter notes Lindsay "attends regularly and consistently communicates in a timely manner to reschedule if necessary." Apparently bribes go a long way in life.

The program concludes, "At this time, Lindsay is in program compliance."

There were a few weeks where Lindsay, who is rumored to be dating Indrani, did not attend, but the organization says her absences were all approved in advance.

The program is not required to notify the judge unless Lindsay misses 21 straight days. The judge, however, ordered her to attend class at least once every seven.

She hasn't done that by any stretch of the imagination. Not even close, really. But it's all up to the judge as to whether the train wreck actually pays a price for it.

Because Lindsay is not in full compliance, the judge has ordered her to attend Thursday's court session. How that shakes out is anyone's guess. (Jail! Jail! Jail!)

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