Twilight Director Warns: Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Really Might Get Fired

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While Twilight Saga fans are gearing up for Eclipse, their excitement these days is tempered by a disturbing report:

It's possible neither Kellan Lutz nor Ashley Greene will appear in the second Breaking Dawn movie.

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As previously stated, both these stars are holding out for a significant raise if/when the final film in the franchise is broken into two. This is more than a rumor, as Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke doesn't doubt Summit Entertainment would replace the leads if pressed.

She also blames outside influences for getting Lutz an Greene to this point.

"Ashley and Kellan have agents, managers, lawyers... you get all of these outside influences telling you you should hold out for this much because you're such an important part of the franchise," Hardwicke told Us Weekly. "It could turn ugly. Do [these actors] deserve more money? Probably they do, on one level. But if everybody make so much money then... it's complicated. What a mess!"

A huge mess, indeed.

Fortunately, even if Lutz is out of the franchise, he has a bright, HOT future as an underwear model. See for yourself.


Omfg there is no effn way i would watch twilights breakin dawn if they fired kellan aka emmett cullen my favorite character in the whole saga. i can undestand the director though. they are important in the movie but there not the ~lead roles~ well alice is not so much emmett. but still they are what makes the cullens ~The Cullens~! they can not be the cullens withovt the regular cast! i would NEVER WATCH IT IF THE CHARACTERS WERE REPLACED!!!! EFF THAT!


I would not enjoy this movie w out these actors! I would probably hate it!!! Just give them the money! The movies are almost over anyway so its not like you guys have to pay them this salary every year!


if they fire kellan lutz i will stand at the cinema doors stopping people watching. it's stupid, they should just get more money, they're too important to replace, it would just ruin the movies.


they cant replace those 2, they just cant. the acters cant be replaced and, ya it would look wierd. if they do fire them... im not going to watch the last move, even if it kills me


if they fired those two i would hope that all of the fans would boycot the movie screw that cause we dont want to see anyone else try to take their place


fireing peps is stupid. Espetioaly from the twilight movies no one can replace. :-)


OMG they just cant fire anyone it will look to wierd!

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